Where to Eat in Zermatt: The Savory Jorg Restaurant

Where to Eat in Zermatt: The Savory Jorg Restaurant

It is always difficult to decide what restaurant to visit when you are on vacation. Everything is new, exciting, and tingles the taste buds. While visiting Christiana Mountain Spa & Resort, in Zermatt Switzerland I was able to have an incredible meal at the Savory Swiss Jorg Restaurant. I highly suggest you make a special trip to eat here, you will not regret it.

Christiana Mountain Spa & Resort, in Zermatt Switzerland

Reservations at Christiania Mountain Spa Restaurant

Reservations are required and can be made through the front desk of Christiana Mountain Spa & Resort. The dinner times are from 5 pm to 9 pm but I would suggest going either around 5 pm or at 8 pm. Try and request a table by the window as you will be able to have a perfectly romantic Swiss meal with the imposing Matterhorn lit by the moonlight.

Christiana Mountain Spa & Resort, in Zermatt Switzerland

First Impression of this Swiss Restaurant:

The Swiss experience at Jorg Restaurant boasts both Traditional and International options of cuisine with an extensive array of drinks available in the bar. Swiss, European, Central European wines are all available for your tasting pleasure, and professionally displayed in a case as soon as you walk in so you can easily choose your favorite while waiting to be seated. The Restaurant is tastefully decorated, with some artistic accents added at strategic locations throughout the dining area. These pieces give the opportunity for excellent conversation starters. Chairs, tables, and booths are well kept with no tears or rips in the seams. There were no leftovers to be seen on either the chairs nor on the tables which were adorned with crisp white tablecloths. You are promptly greeted, asked how many in your party, accommodations are deftly checked and you are swiftly shown to a table that will suit your particular needs and party size.

Christiana Mountain Spa & Resort, in Zermatt Switzerland

The Menu:

A menu is handed to you, encased in a leather binding that is clean without blemish from prior use. Wine specials, and suggestions on how to best enjoy all that the menu has to offer are presented. You are then left to carefully choose that which your taste buds are craving for the evening. I personally chose the 4-course meal with each course, there are 2 options available. I really appreciated this, because there were certain additives I needed to avoid due to my particular food allergies & this made it very easy to choose my perfect combinations I wished for my dining pleasure. I chose my selections, my waitress smiled politely and said that she agreed that those were excellent choices. The only thing I would have changed in my selection was something a little less salty in the initial 3 courses, as my tongue felt a little pickled by the end of the main course.

Christiana Mountain Spa & Resort, in Zermatt Switzerland

Complimentary Items:

After choosing the courses you so desire, the staff will bring you soft bread that makes you want to stuff a few slices in your purse for later. Truly, I fancy myself a bread connoisseur and this particular item made me think of the bread that my mother use to make when I was younger. It does not taste as though it was sitting out the entire day nor has been in the bread warmer for far too long. It was simply delicious when paired with the butter provided and melted perfectly into the vacant spaces.

Christiana Mountain Spa & Resort, in Zermatt Switzerland

The Drink:

As I mentioned previously, there is an extensive and impressive wine list, complete with local flavors and choices. The Wine I chose was impeccable, not too strong nor sweet – a Pinot Noir that is very famous for the area and suggested to me by the staff. There were hints of black cherries and blackberries. It is soft on the palate when first tasting, and only gets better with each gulp. In the end, it made me feel poetic about the food I was about to indulge in.

I would highly suggest taking advantage of tasting the Swiss Wine options due to the fact that only 1% of the Swiss Wine actually makes it to the European Market. This is mostly due to the producers of this wine wanting to sell to private clients and local restaurants almost exclusively. The Jorg Restaurant has an exceptional array of Wine choices (at least 2 pages worth) which can be bought by the bottle or by the glass. There are a few options for Beer and spirits with one Beer on tap. With the hospitality driven attitude, Jorg Restaurant offers I would think that they could make any drink your heart so desired.

The First Course, Salad:

 Beef carpaccio with marinated rocket and grana padano in Balsamic

The presentation of this dish was tasteful and precise. Drizzled with a Pumpkin Seed dressing that had hints of Balsamic Vinegar as its base. The bitterness of the vinegar was softened by the Parmesan Cheese flakes adorning the top, and the Pumpkin Puree encircling the salad made me hum with palate pleasure. Thin slices of Beef carpaccio marinated to perfection were hidden within and elegantly topped with the delicate arugula and a thin breadstick.

Christiana Mountain Spa & Resort, in Zermatt Switzerland

The Second Course, Soup:

Vegetable soup with gnocchi and crepe strips

A salty vegetable broth base with crispy crepes and gnocchi placed within the soup that truly added a nice texture. Each bite is completed with touches of green onion that really rounds out the warmth and feeling of home while eating this dish. Soup in the Fall is perfection isn’t it? The soup sinks into your bones and slays the chill of the outdoors, helping to relax you for the rest of the meal.

The Third course, Savory Risotto:

Champagne risotto with giant prawns, tomatoes, and chanterelles

I was very excited to see Risotto on the menu, as this is a difficult dish for even the best Chef’s to do correctly. I must say my Risotto was pure perfection- not too salty, rich and savory flavors, without any bitterness. Cooking execution of the Risotto made for an excellent velvety texture that literally melts in your mouth.  The Champagne Risotto was perfectly paired with the King Prawns, cooked to perfection. Traces of subtle mouthwatering earthy flavors brought everything together for a perfectly orchestrated piece of culinary art.

Christiana Mountain Spa & Resort, in Zermatt Switzerland

The Fourth Course, Dessert:

Pineapple Plum salad with almond ice cream and cocoa chips

A confectionery delight that was revealing itself to me as a masterful flower of temptation. I was so enthralled by how this particular dish was plated, I was almost afraid to take the first bite if it wasn’t for the melting ice cream in the center. The House Made Vanilla Bean Ice Cream combined with the sweet & sour of the plums & pineapple was a unique pairing that in the end I thoroughly enjoyed.

Head Chef Jorg Elsen:

Chef Elsen went to Regionale Schule mit Grundschule Schonberg for his education. The Chef used to work at Hotel National Zermatt, another luxury dining experience, with this particular hotel also having excellent reviews on all Travel related websites. Now his talents are utilized expertly at the Christiania Mountain Spa and Resort where he heads the Savory Swiss Jorg Restaurant. The Chef’s signature dish is non-other than the Chateau Briand. A classically French dish of a center cut of beef tenderloin, gracefully cooked in a wine sauce that I am sure he has put his own unique touches to.

Be sure to try this dish and let me know your thoughts as I was unable to do so during my short stay at Christiania Mountain Spa and Resort. Peeking into the kitchen area, the chef was smartly dressed in a striped apron with the double-breasted White Chef’s Jacket lined with black silk piping on the edges. I had the opportunity to meet him and he was kind enough to bring some delicate treats to the table as a way of saying thank you for the Review of the Restaurant. I found him to be clean and polished with a very professional air about him. As a traveler, I think the cleanliness of the Kitchen facilities is imperative as a traveler’s tummy is very fickle and easily upset.

The Jorg Restaurant Staff

The restaurant staff is composed of polite, smiling and extremely helpful individuals. I really appreciated their attentiveness and disguised anticipatory monitoring of my needs while eating. I did not feel that they were overbearing during my meal whatsoever. Gentle suggestions from the staff were made that truly helped my dining experience,  I intensely appreciated the creativity of their suggestions and effort to make my experience exceptional.

Christiana Mountain Spa & Resort, in Zermatt Switzerland

The Cost:

Main entrees cost around $20-$208 USD. The comprehensive menu sampler of 4 different entrees of $57-$65 which I found to be especially delectable.

My Final Thoughts on the Swiss Jorg Restaurant:

The Savory Swiss Jorg Restaurant surely will not disappoint you. A romantic setting,  exceptional service, relaxing environment, exceptional food and delectable dessert are sure to fill not only your belly but your soul with vacation goodness we all crave. So book a stay at Christiania Mountain Spa & Resort and be sure to make reservations for a dinner you are sure to never forget.

Where to Stay in Zermatt


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Mastering Motivation with the Masters

Dani, Charlie, Svet, Cameron, and LuLuu the Masters of Motivation.

Dani is a Personal Trainer, Wife, Mother, & Boss Babe Extraordinaire We all have hopes and dreams. We have an image in our minds of what our ideal body would be. Why don’t we have it? Do we really lack the motivation? Motivation, by definition, is the general desire or willingness of someone to do something. We all have the motivation, but I believe it’s our mental blocks that get in the way of mastering motivation. It’s important to recognize these roadblocks, so we can clear them out and focus on what really matters. And being healthy and happy is what really matters to me. dream courage inspire.jpeg So, in order to get rid of all the roadblocks and be TOTALLY MOTIVATED, we need to dig down deep for a minute here. Don’t be afraid if this gets a little messy. You need to believe, 100%, that you DESERVE to have that ideal body. Think of how you would feel looking into the mirror and seeing yourself like that. What would people be saying to you if they hadn’t seen you in years and you suddenly ran into them at the restaurant? Close your eyes. Try to imagine every single little detail about it. Believe that it’s real. Feel it in your very bones! feel the freedom.jpeg Tell yourself (out loud) that you deserve this. You deserve to feel this way. You WILL feel this way, and there’s NOTHING that will stop you. If you are a parent, then you will do it for your kids, because they deserve to have a mom or dad who is healthy and can play with them. They deserve a parent who will live long enough to see them get married and have kids of their own. They deserve a parent who is confident, and loves themselves, and respects themselves, and teaches their kids to do the same. But most importantly, you will do it for YOU. Because you deserve to feel the best you’ve ever felt. Each day is a blessing, and you deserve to take advantage of each and every minute of it. Do this every. single. day. and you will MASTER MOTIVATING YOURSELF . <3 “Easy” Workouts: I am a firm believer in working out as hard as you can, as short as you can! Studies have actually shown that working out at a high intensity for 15-20 minutes will actually burn more fat and more calories throughout the day than a steady rate of cardio for 45 minutes will. I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather be done in 15 minutes!  Almost every single one of my workouts that I do consist of the following: It’s simple. Anybody can create a workout. No gym required.
4-6 exercises
30-45 seconds “ON” (doing the exercise)
15-30 seconds “OFF” (resting between exercises)
1 minutes rest after all the exercises are completed
REPEAT 3-5 times
Favorite Recipe: 
I LIVE for this protein shake. I have made it almost every day for the last 5 years. I get EVERYONE hooked on this recipe.
 1 Cup Almond Milk
1 Tbsp Natural Peanut Butter (make sure you PB ONLY consists of peanuts)
1 Scoop Protein Mix
1/4 Cup Cottage Cheese (optional)
Blend until smooth! I literally just finished mine 🙂
I hope all of this helps you! I believe being happy and healthy is truly the most important things we can do for ourselves. Join me for the happiness movement at www.facebook.com/itsdaniw
 Author Bio: Dani W is a mom, wife, NASM Personal Trainer, Professional SCUBA Diver, and former exotic animal trainer. She leads a team of women whose focus is on inspiring others across the globe to love themselves, believe in themselves, be happy, and beYOUTiful.

Charlie Evans a Fitness & Health Expert, retired Professional Ballerina, mother & 5 Stressed out: exercise! 1. Clear your mind 2. Determine how long you can work out. 3. Decide what you are going to do 4. Do it! Realistically how long do I have to work out?
  • 10-minute workout be intentional and intense!
  • 30-minute workout get your heart rate up and tighten those muscles
  • 60 + minute workout do a minute of 30-45 minutes of cardio and the rest strength training
conquer it There was a time when my husband and I were married but also struggling, within the first 3 years; we had 2 small children (ages two and one). I stayed at “home” with our children- home consisted of us moving to Oregon then Washington Northern California Wyoming Montana and Indiana. All within 12 weeks. These hotels were more like motels that didn’t offer a fitness room. I soon discovered myself feeling depressed and stuck with two small kids in our little space. I decided to create this awesome work out that only requires the length and width of a yoga mat. Here’s the daily work out I did and found amazing strength, success & clarity doing it!
Jog in place: 60 seconds 45 Jumping jacks, Jog in place 60 seconds 45 more jumping jacks Standing Wide legs squats 3 sets of 25 Bent Knee push-ups 3 sets of 20-30 crunches 3 times Step back lunges 25 right and left 2 sets Cool down jog in place 60 seconds Slow jumping jacks 45, then Stretch
This was so invigorating and over time I found I gained strength and stamina and self-confidence, being able to do this in the small space of a hotel room! I felt I had truly mastered  motivation in doing this.  A recipe I love to share is this! It contains some of my favorite foods! Pumpkin Oatmeal Energy Bites: Serves 20:    1/2 C Pumpkin Puree,  1 1/2 C Dry Oatmeal,  1/4 C Honey,   1/2 tsp Pumpkin Pie Spice,   1/2 cup mini Dark Chocolate chips,   1 tsp vanilla extract,   1/4 C Chia Seeds,   1/2 C Peanut Butter (or other natural nut butter)  –  Instructions on making Pumpkin Oatmeal Energy Bites charlie evansAuthor Charlie Evans Graduated from BYU BA Health and Human Performance, danced as a professional ballerina for 5 years completed my ballet career after dancing for 23 years. (I started when I was 5 😉 ) I am a mother of 3 amazing wild adventurous children Mason, Lilly, Jones, and a bonus Mom of two boys Shawn and Ryan.  I am wildly passionate about Nutrition and Fitness.  I LOVE having conversations about others nutrition regimen and how I can help them see what is prohibiting them from achieving their optimal health.
Svet – the Vocabulary Titan, Culinary Aesthete, Motivational Writer & Entrepreneur How do you master motivation to exercise especially on the more stressful day? What are some suggestions for easy workouts in hotels or at home? Do you have a favorite healthy recipe you would like to share? Staying Motivated on a Stressful Day Motivation is a slippery term. Once left without a fuel, it easily goes away. To stay motivated to exercise, especially when the day is as hectic as possible, is quite daunting a task. Nonetheless, there is one easy solution to this challenge – the simple thought that moving your blood from the head to the limbs is going to release you from the amassing stress.
The more you practice, the more motivated you stay, and the more you crave working out – as simple as that.
success- go get it Suggestions for Easy Workouts in Hotels or at Home The majority of travelers face a recurring challenge – how to continue their workout regimes while exploring places of immense beauty. Here are three things everyone can do while staying in a hotel or at home:
  • Push-ups. I am a ferocious supporter of working out my chest area and push-ups are the perfect exercise that does not require any extra tools.
  • Squatting trains your hips, thighs, and buttocks, as well as the quadriceps femoris and the hamstrings. Additionally, it strengthens the bones and the ligaments.
  • Although not exactly a physical exercise, meditating for only five minutes a day works well not only for our mental strength but also has a great influence on our physical abilities. The best thing about it – no muscle strains!
Of course, these exercises can be performed outside and they are even more pleasant in nature. smoothie 2.jpeg Favorite Healthy Recipe My breakfast in the last couple of hours has been a smoothie. A powerful, healthy smoothie, that is.   It’s easy to prepare, but it requires a blender, so if you are staying at an Airbnb, ensure there’s a blender there, or bring one with you. My smoothie usually epitomizes: Smoothies give you an almost immediate boost since they are in a liquid form and absorbing them is much quicker. Bon appétit! Author: Svet Dimitrov: Entrepreneur, Culinary Aesthete, and Language Enthusiast who writes gripping articles about Health, Travel, and Motivation & Success.
For more from Svet the Vocabulary Titan, check out his stunning work on his Website, Facebook or Instagram Platforms. Ladies…..you won’t regret it…..trust me.

Cameron McMillan – is a  Plexus Rep, Pilates instructor, Canyoneering guide:  How master motivation especially on stressful days? I really just sit down and try to remember my ‘Why’, why am I doing this? I have to change myself in order to help change other people’s lives. I don’t worry about the good or the bad, I keep going so that I can be my own boss and help change other’s lives. You have to have your ‘Why’, because when or if things go wrong – you can remember ‘I’m doing this because of………..’. When your ‘Why’ is bigger than your ‘Cry’ then you will be motivated to keep moving forward. sunset photos So remember why you are staying healthy, what are you doing it for? Make health a journey, not a destination… think about life longevity, standing up at 80 years old to go hiking instead of being glued to the chair. Maintaining your health and continuing to exercise will help you continue to ‘play’ throughout life instead of the continuous struggle. So my motivation is me telling myself, ‘Do you want to hike the Appalachian Trail at 80 years old or do you want to be frail and unable to move?’ My favorite Recipe is Portobello Mushroom Pizza: I buy a Portabella Mushroom, pull out the stem, then smear the pesto from Costco and put 2 Tablespoons on it, a couple of slices of fresh Mozzarella Cheese on it, or shredded, then you make a little doughnut out of tin foil and put the mushroom on top of it (because the mushroom will let water out of it while cooking). Bake this at 425 degrees for 15 minutes & then just stick a fork in it to see when it’s done (should pierce it smoothly). Its actually oddly delicious and you can do different versions of this with pepperoni or what not. Another one I love to eat frequently is what is called a ‘potato sack’ on Amazon. You can use that to microwave sweet potatoes and put a little Carrie Gold Butter with some Parmesan Cheese in it and it really helps me with my salt cravings. cameron

Author: Cameron McMillan Former Owner at Austin Pilates, now turned Plexus Business Representative dedicated to helping people get healthy from the inside out so that they may live life to the fullest. Cameron has a passion for all things outside including Rock Climbing, Canyoneering, and Rappelling. Originating from Texas and now a native to Utah, her life motto is this:

“Life will break you. Nobody can protect you from that, and living alone won’t either, for solitude will also break you with its yearning. You have to love. You have to feel. It is the reason you are here on earth. You are here to risk your heart. You are here to be swallowed up. And when it happens that you are broken, or betrayed, or left, or hurt, or death brushes near, let yourself sit by an apple tree and listen to the apples falling all around you in heaps, wasting their sweetness. Tell yourself you tasted as many as you could.” — Louise Erdrich 

Lauren (aka LuLuu) an inspirational adventurous soul & free spirit of Solo Travel: What are some tips you have for exercising/healthy eating while traveling? No matter where I travel, I always find a way to include exercise. That doesn’t mean I’m doing workout videos in my hotel room, but often means I’m hiking, biking, or walking a lot. I almost always find a hike wherever I’m traveling, even if it’s small because it’s still getting my legs moving and my heart pumping. If I’m in a city where I can’t find a hike to do, I’ll opt to walk – and I mean everywhere! Forego the taxi and use those healthy little legs of yours! Same goes for biking when I’m in the mood. In fact, some of my best memories from Vietnam were exploring each new city by bike!  In terms of food, I love to try local cuisine whenever possible, especially street food. However, street food typically isn’t all that healthy, so in order to stay on track with healthy eating goals, I’ll work in salads, vegetables/fruits whenever I can. Whether that means finding restaurants serving healthy options or going to the local market and picking up ingredients to make my own salad, I make it happen! In addition, I try to drink tons of water and keep snacking and alcohol consumption to a minimum (especially when traveling solo!) woman walking.jpeg How do you master motivation to exercise/stay healthy on the stressful days? You know, it seems that exercising when you’re stressed is a way to actually bring that stress level down! Even if I’m tired or feeling unmotivated, I’ll pop on a quick 15-minute workout video (I’m obsessed with the Rebecca Louise Fitness Youtube channel) and instantly feel better, both mind and body. I think the fact that I know how much better I feel mentally, physically, and emotionally when I’m exercising and eating healthy is what really keeps me motivated. I’m typically more productive and just all around happier! Don’t get me wrong, there are days where I let the stress get to me and I skip exercising/don’t eat very healthy, but then I end up suffering in the long run. It’s honestly just not worth it! fruit-fruits-heart-blueberries-.jpeg What is your Favorite snack recipe? I don’t really have a snack recipe, but it’s honestly rare to find me wandering around without fruit in my backpack. It’s my go-to snack. I always have either apples, pears, grapes, or some other fruit that’s easy to throw in my bag, as well as some granola bars and water. I actually have a fear of traveling or leaving to go wander off for the day without those three items! One, they are super easy things to just throw in my bag and go, and two, they are enjoyable, healthy snacks that keep me from being tempted by less healthy things like candy, chocolate, or chips! Lauren Mae Pelkey_headshot Author: Lauren Pelkey (also known as Luluu)  is the creator of Wanderluluu.com, a travel blog all about empowerment through solo travel. She is a Massachusetts native that has lived in Rome, Melbourne and Bogotá. Her goal is to inspire women into one solo trip in their lifetime for the personal growth and self-awareness it often yields. For more from Lauren visit her Instagram and Facebook Platforms. 
WOW! That was a lot of rich and invaluable information from the Masters & will certainly be saving this information, as I found it incredibly beneficial, I hope you did as well. For me, on days that I find I’m overwhelmed or anxious I go to the gym and just sit in the Sauna for 10 minutes, I make sure I’m taking my Probiotics and my Vitamins & somehow it helps me through the tough spots that I seem to have no energy to do anything but exist. One last thing I have learned recently is that the thing we call ‘binging’ is actually a symptom of unresolved pain, so if this is something you struggle with more than 1-2 times per month than maybe an internal examination of what it is you are trying to avoid would be useful. If it seems too overwhelming, make sure you get professional support to help you do it. sunset with love.jpeg I’m so grateful to these amazing individuals & Masters of Motivation who have personally both enriched and inspired all of our lives for the better. So let us all support each other by motivating, loving and connecting with one another for a happier & healthier life. Cheers my friends!

What motivates you to continue on the stressful days?  What is your favorite healthy ‘go to’ recipe?  Let me know in the comments below 😉

Happy Travels, Happy Tales, and see you on the flip side!

For More tips on how to stay healthy while traveling check out:  ]]>

The Perfect Hotel in Zermatt: Christiania Mountain Spa & Resort

The Perfect Hotel in Zermatt: Christiania Mountain Spa & Resort

Christiania Mountain Spa and Resort is a perfect hotel retreat and will make you want to stay in the incredible Swiss Alps forever. I have always wanted to see the Matterhorn, it has been on my Bucket list for quite some time & I was finally able to make cross it off my list! It was quite the journey to get there from Berlin, complete with my train catching on fire (an unusual occurrence as I was told).

Traveling to Zermatt, Switzerland:

Traveler Tip: If you want to spend a week in the Swiss Alps, fly into Bern Switzerland, take the ICE train from there to VISP, transfer to a train headed to your final destination, Zermatt.

With my EUrail Pass I was able to travel easily into Zermatt with stunning views along the way which had my nose glued to the panoramic windows. The train from Bern to Visp does get quite crowded so be sure to reserve a seat on the way there for about 3 Euro. Once you arrive in Zermatt at the local train station, the Hotel is only a short and surprisingly relaxing 10-minute walk up the street. If you choose to take a small taxi to the Hotel do not pay more than 8-10 Swiss Franc.

Perfect Hotel in Zermatt Switzerland

Checking in at Christiania Mountain Resort and Spa:

After arriving at Christiania Resort, I was promptly greeted and asked my name, then the receptionist informed me, my room was ready for my stay. I was advised to set my bags down as the bell boy would be promptly bringing my bags to my room. The kind receptionist then took me on a tour of the Hotel, showed me where all the amenities of the Resort were. I was also shown the dining area and informed of when breakfast and dinner would start and finish for the day. The keys used for the hotel rooms added a certain whimsical charm to this Mountain Resort, and she kindly showed me how to use them with my room. I was left to my own devices in my hotel room and explored my new accommodation. My bags arrived within 45 seconds of the receptionist leaving, the bell boy was winded, smiled, thanked me for coming and promptly left without even a chance for me to give him a proper tip.

Traveler Tip: There is no parking available anywhere in the city unless you are either a local or you are a small taxi driver. The city itself has pushed to be a car-free city & self-sustaining. Please keep this in mind when planning your trip here.

The Room:

Sheets are changed daily and are not too starched to the point you can’t get to sleep. Despite the daily cleaning they still feel soft and cozy, perfect for the cool and crisp nights of the Swiss Alps. The tub and shower are cleaned with sanitizer after each guest leaves. This is something I make sure to note at each of the hotels I stay at. Of the friends who use to work in the Hotel Maid Service Industry in Las Vegas not properly cleaning the tub & shower is something they report is quite often missed. I do not know if carpets are routinely cleaned here, but in general, they appeared to be without spots or any particular smell. There are safe’s available for guests in each room.

Traveler Tip: A single room ranges from 160-260 USD. Double Rooms are anywhere between 260-500 USD. Cost variance seems to depend on the view of the room and the amenities you desire. If you find you will be out all day on hiking or skiing adventures, I would suggest rooms without a view since you will be outside anyway. If you, however, are going for the Romantic Winter settings and like to have a relaxing evening, then go for the rooms with a direct view of the Matterhorn and set the perfect mood for your Swiss Alps getaway.

Perfect Hotel in Zermatt Switzerland

The bed in the single room I was in, was firm enough for the support, yet soft enough to not make my back or hips ache in the morning. If upon awakening, my back and hips hurt, this is my own indicator the beds in the hotel are terrible. In my single bedroom, there was a shower with a glass enclosure, a handheld shower spout with both hot and cold water available. There was a Privy available as well with two types of flushing capabilities (small vs large load if you will). Shampoo, lotion, hand soap are provided in the room for your convenience. If you would like conditioner, you can bring your own or it is offered in the beauty shop near the spa. These supplies are obtained locally and provided at the hotel for each room.

Something I found extremely welcoming was the small bag of Swiss Chocolate left on the table for me with a kind note welcoming me to the Hotel.

There was an armoire where I could hang my clothes, but would also be an ideal place to keep your ski clothing. The clothing closet also contained brand new slippers, neatly tucked into a plastic bag. These slippers were somehow the highlight for me; out of the hundreds of hotels I have stayed in it was the first time I had ever seen FREE slippers which were clean and previously unused! I love slippers, and having this small gift in my room made it feel like home.

I personally like to sleep in a cool room under several blankets, so the windows opening to the fresh mountain air was also another positive quality I found in the room. The windows open several different ways depending on how much you want to hear the quiet hum of the city life around your hotel. I am a light sleeper and even despite this was able to sleep soundly with the window open all night long. I loved watching the locals tend to their garden and pass through the side streets to their homes.
If you plan on posting to social media about your stay there, free Wifi is available and I had no issues with the connection.

Full list of Rooms available at Christiania Mountain Spa & Resort

History of the Hotel and My impression of the management:

The Frazen-Bieri family puts heart and soul into ensuring nothing is missing from your stay at Christiania Mountain Spa & Resort. They are 2nd and 3rd generation hosts who come Highly recommended on both Trip Advisor and Booking.com — They have a dog named Mousse!!! Anyone who has a dog I immediately trust.

I was able to meet two of the members of the Frazen-Bieri family and they had a warm countenance with a genuine interest in how my stay was going. I was able to observe them during dinner service in the evening, aiding the staff in whatever capacity was needed.

Perfect Hotel in Zermatt Switzerland

I have stayed in hotels all across the United States and all over the world, from the Biltmore in Florida, Hilton in New York City, Bed & Breakfasts in Scotland and throughout the EU. I have never seen such a warm and dedicated sense of commitment to a vision of a hotel in all my years. In seeing this commitment by the owners to both its staff, facility, and guests I can confidently recommend this Hotel to anyone who visits Zermatt.

I was offered a Dinner reservation around 8 pm in order to be able to meet the famous Chef Jorg Elsen. Reservations for dinner are required so as to give each guest the ultimate dining experience. The busiest times at the restaurant are going to be between 6-730pm.

For your meal, I would plan on at least 1.5-2 hours of indulgence. The service is impeccable, precise and not overbearing. The staff is well educated on both food, wine and offer fabulous suggestions on pairings of both. I would suggest dressing in business casual as the setting of the restaurant seems to subconsciously encourage this.
Tipping in Switzerland is appreciated at 10-15% but not expected. Anything more than 10-15% is considered extremely generous. I was so impressed with the service I gave a 25% tip and was sought out the next day by the waitress who had helped me and gratitude was showered upon me.
Read my Full Review of Jorg Restaurant at Christiania Mountain Spa & Resort

Traveler Tip: There is no surcharge applied for your table reservation, the only cost to you is what you choose as your meal & drink. If you want the perfect romantic setting for a meal, I would suggest reserving a time for 8 pm with a table and a view of the city with the Matterhorn lit by moonlight.

Christiania Mountain Spa Luxuries are second to NONE:

Surprisingly the list of Spa services is not listed on their website (for a full list of the services offered by their Spa team, please see below). Utilizing the Spa services Christiania Resort has, is something I would HIGHLY suggest you do not pass up. To round out my stay at this exceptional resort I was able to receive a 1-hour deep tissue massage. The Spa therapeutic services are available between 3 pm – 9 pm or by special appointment. My appointment was at 3 pm prior to my 6 o’clock train to Vienna was due to depart.

I was greeted warmly by the massage therapist and deftly shown into the massage room. I was given instructions to disrobe to my comfort level & didn’t quite understand what to do next. The therapist stepped out of the room and I was left to my own devices. I am accustomed to a large blanket on the massage table, with a sheet lining it. I disrobed and put on the disposable underwear which was provided, just in case. I was getting ready to lay face down on the table, and the massage therapist knocked. I tried to say wait one minute, alas I don’t know if there was a communication error or not but I was caught in a rather unsightly position – which I quickly rectified. A large bath towel is what is available to cover yourself once you disrobe, so if you are a little curvier like me, make sure to position it properly.

Perfect Hotel in Zermatt Switzerland

The female masseuse helped me get comfortable on the table and inquired as to how I would like my massage. I informed her I would like only my back and legs worked on, as all the train travel I had been experiencing was making me quite uncomfortable. I was still a little embarrassed by being caught in the awkward position upon her re-entry, but let me tell you, as soon as she started to massage my muscles – my embarrassment quickly dissipated.

I am a Physician Assistant and know my Anatomy quite well. I also have myofascial problems and have frequented the best massage therapists in the United States and on Cruise ships. Without a doubt, this masseuse knew her anatomy, and also knew how to work the fascia and muscles in ways which were both effective as well as relaxing. She kept constant comfortable pressure so I knew exactly where she was in the room and allowed me to anticipate where she was massaging next. I feel when you are able to anticipate where they will massage next, it helps to curb any feeling of discomfort. My sore traveling muscles melted like butter under her precise and therapeutic touch & I drifted to sleep. I was gently awoken with her soothing voice asking me if there was any other area I would like addressed. She ended with a few pressure points on my neck and a relaxing cranial massage.

My massage therapist left the room and allowed me to redress. The only thing I could have requested more of is to have a warm moist towel which I could have used to wipe excess lotion off my arms and legs & a dry one on the floor so I would not slip. Otherwise, I thoroughly enjoyed my massage, which is a huge compliment from me as I am typically a harsh critic of most massage therapists I encounter.

The Pool, Jacuzzi, and Sauna at Christiania Mountain Resort:

I wish I could have stayed another two days to properly utilize their Spa facility and Pool area. After my massage, I took a tour of the Pool, Jacuzzi and Sauna area. It is a comprehensive wellness arena which also has a secret Ice Cave (for those who need a good ice down after a long day of skiing). This is the place to escape the rat race of life and find your ultimate Zen. The pool itself is only available to the Hotel guests & is generally quiet during the day and busier at night. It is perfectly situated to let you enjoy the sweeping views of the surrounding Alps. I was personally taken aback by how warm the entire enclosure was. I had been told and read online how amazing their spa was, but the entire enclosure is like a dry Sauna! I was so surprised!

Perfect Hotel in Zermatt Switzerland

Traveler Tip: There are no shoes allowed in the area, and robes are available in each hotel room, along with slippers to take with you to the pool.

There is even a Vegas-style Cabana located just poolside. An enormous hot tub adorns the corner of this expansive area and is hot, clean and bubbling with healing goodness. This hot tub is so large, you could likely fit around 20 people in it comfortably. I was especially impressed at how clean the surrounding windows enclosing the area were. Typically when you have a pool and a hot tub in an enclosure like this, the windows become dirty, the air smells of chlorine and chemicals (which tends to trigger my Asthma terribly), I’m pleased to report this was not the case for their pool area. I personally am training for a Triathalon and have spent a lot of time, in a lot of pools throughout the country, and this is the BEST POOL and spa I have ever encountered!

The pool itself is 25 meters long, complimented brilliantly by a Bio Sauna, Finnish Sauna, Steam bath, quiet room with integrated fireplace, a modern fitness center, a hairdresser & beauty salon. I don’t think guests who stay here realize what amazing internal amenities this particular Mountain Resort has to offer. This is why Christiania Mountain Spa & Resort is the ultimate destination, due to the fact that no matter what the weather is, on the commanding Swiss Alps, you will always have an activity you can entertain yourself with which ultimately leads to perfect relaxation for you and the entire family.

Perfect Hotel in Zermatt Switzerland

How clean is the Hotel?

With my research on Christiania Mountain Spa & Resort, I am pleased to announce to my readers there have been no complaints made of infestations, no calls for rodents or any need for an exterminator. With Bed Bugs being on the rise in the United States (nearly 44% increase in New York Hotels alone) and throughout the world. I personally make sure to do research extensively on the cleanliness of the accommodation prior to visiting an accommodation.
The laundry facility was neatly kept, swept and brightly lit giving it an appearance of hospital type quality cleanliness. I am pleased to report their facility was so clean, even I could not find fault, even for this former Surgical Technician.

Perfect Hotel in Zermatt Switzerland

Is Christiania Mountain Resort Safe? Is it in a Safe location?

The Resort itself is located in a quiet area of town, away from the bustle of the city. There are locals staying near the hotel, in fact, my room overlooked a charming little garden. I felt extremely safe here as a single female traveling alone. There are also security cameras throughout the hotel.
If you decide to leave your luggage at the front desk (for an early check-in, or late check-out) then you may want to know a few things. Your luggage will be kept in front of the hotel desk, or in an area near the hotel desk under the watchful eye of the receptionist. Each piece of luggage is marked with a handwritten note with either your name or room number on it.

Perfect Hotel in Zermatt Switzerland

Who is their ideal clientele? Is Christiania Resort Family friendly?

Christiania Mountain Spa is a great place for relaxation after a day of adventures, or for a romantic evening with your significant other. I would highly recommend this Hotel for family vacations as well because there is an ~800 sq ft room dedicated to children and their entertainment! I thought it was brilliant to put the children’s playroom complete with videos, toys etc… right next to the workout room & spa facility. There is a separate pool and play area if you choose to use their expansive spa facility, including a little splash pad for the wee ones if you so wish.
If you are looking to have your children come with you but want to have a day to work on the romance or hit the amazing slopes of the Alps, you will be pleased to know the Hotel is associated with ‘Alpine Nanny’ a locally sourced company who can watch your little ones while your cutting those slopes with your ski’s.
With so many activities available for the kids within the Zermatt community, it will be hard for you to choose what to do. There is a Forest Fun Park with an AMAZING obstacle course (even I found it so enticing I wanted to stay longer in order to see if I could complete the course, I will have to see if they allow adults).
Holding a business retreat at Christiania Mountain Spa & Resort may be a little more difficult as I was not aware of any community fax machines, copiers, or meeting rooms available within the facility.

Perfect Hotel in Zermatt Switzerland

Festivals in Town:

There are several festivals which seem to be quite entertaining & would be worthwhile planning your trip here for (if skiing isn’t your thing, there are also plenty of other activities to choose from– My Full Review of Zermatt Switzerland is coming soon). These festivals include Zermatt Unplugged, Impulse, and Zermatt Fashion Week.

Other useful Information for CHRISTIANIA MOUNTAIN SPA:

  • The hotel is about a 5-minute walk from the main Sunnega lift if you are visiting Zermatt for skiing. This is the main Ski lift in Zermatt, so it’s quite convenient especially if you are walking around in your ski boots.
  • The hotel is a 15 min walk to Gorner Gorge or the Forest Adventure Park
  • I do not know if they recycle the hotel bottles they utilize, but I am sure, if you feel so inclined, there are two recycling facilities with the closest one being at Bahnhofpl. 6, 3920 Zermatt – near the tourist information center.
  • Zermatt is the most self-sustaining destination in Switzerland.
  • Christiania Mountain Spa & Resort offers Breakfast in morning starting at 8 am and it does not require a reservation. Breakfast is included in the cost of your room
  • If you would like to have Lunch, they do offer Lunch to their guests on the weekends.
Perfect Hotel in Zermatt Switzerland

The Takeaway For Christiania Mountain Spa & Resort

Overall I found Christiania Mountain Spa and Resort to have incredible charm with the warmth of home, and hospitality fit for Royalty. The most shocking part to me was how affordable it was compared to other hotels in the Zermatt area. If you ever decide to fulfill your own bucket list and see the iconic Matterhorn, be sure to book with Christiania Mountain Spa and Resort & include time for the amazing dinner selections. Happy Travels, Happy Tales, and see you on the flip side, my friends.

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Spa Luxuries available at Christiania: (not listed on their website)
  1. Classic Massage: Customized massage designed to boost your immune system, relieve aches and pains. It is a Swedish & Deep Tissue Massage with long relaxing strokes, combined with pressure point work and relief of tension trouble spots.  (Available in Full or Half-body massage at 25, 50, and 80 minutes)
  2. Aromatherapy Massage:  This is one of the oldest forms of treatment. Combine your massage with aromatherapy oils targeted to your specific needs resulting in maximum recovery. (Available in Full or Half-body massage at 25, 50, and 80 minutes)
  3. Sport Massage: Alleviates the build-up of Lactic Acid in the muscles after a long day of skiing or workout. (Available on back and legs for 40 minutes)
  4. Lomi Lomi Nui: Originating from Hawaii, this technique focuses on finding congested areas in the body and redistributes them by moving the palms, thumbs, elbows, and forearms in a rhythmic motion, using long flowing connected strokes. This technique alleviates nerve pain, improves blood and lymphatic circulation thus relieving tension, increasing circulation and relieving pain. (Available in 45, 65, and 85 minutes)
  5. Lymphatic Drainage: A technique that stimulates the lymphatic system with gentle massaging strokes, thus alleviating the lower extremity swelling that often plagues travelers and skiers. (Available in 25 and 50-minute increments).
  6. Thai Foot Massage or Nuad Thao: This is a massage of the lower legs and feet, a type of reflexology that stimulates the pressure points of the feet resulting in reduced stress levels, increased energy and overall balance to the body. This particular technique combines hand massage as well as massage with a wooden stick. (Available in 25 and 50-minute increments)
  7. Head and Face Massage: Tension is often stored in the facial muscles without us realizing it until a massive migraine hits. Keep ahead of the stresses of traveling with this relaxing and invigorating massage that will leave you feeling revitalized and fresh for the days to come. (Available in a 25-minute increment)
  8. Reflexology: This will relax the body and bring it back into balance by focusing on specific areas of the feet that are believed to be connected to systems within our bodies. It will improve blood circulation and leads to better vitality. (Available in 25 and 50-minute increments)
  9. Honey massage: A unique way of improving blood circulation, relaxing muscles and opens the pores, reduces cellulite that provides a healthier body. The Honey is absorbed through the skin, activating the metabolism to pull out the toxins, resulting in increased oxygen flow to the areas and nutrient rich blood into the cells that often go neglected. (Available in Full Body and Half body massage at 25 and 50 minutes respectively)

To schedule your appointment please arrange it with either the Front Desk or the Spa facility Reception area.

**Disclosure: This review of Christiana Mountain Spa and Resort was written in exchange for a discounted stay. All opinions are my own. Read my Full Hotel Disclosure.**

Hack Disney Magic Kingdoms & Make Your Memories Magical

Hack Disney Magic Kingdoms & Make Your Memories Magical

When I say Disney, I’m sure images of childhood memories pop up in your mind and a smile comes to your face. There are those occasional few who have bad experiences, but when Minnie Mouse comes up and gives you a hug, well magic just seems like it could be real and all your problems disappear. There are a lot of different ways to visit Disneyland, but only a few people know how to really work the Magic Kingdom to their benefit. Here are my tips on how to Hack Disney Magic Kingdoms & Make Your Memories Magical – from Discount tickets to park secrets, it’s all here!

Hack Disney Magic Kingdoms & Make Your Memories Magical
Me with my Friends Emily and Cari at Disneyland

But first off, let us start by picking the Magic Kingdom we would like to go to first and their different available attractions:

  1. The Original Magic Kingdom: Disneyland and California Adventure
  2. Walt Disney World Florida
  3. Disneyland Paris
  4. Disney World Hong Kong 
  5. Disney Resort Shanghai
  6. Disneyland Tokyo

I have been to 2 of the 6 Disney parks listed here: Florida and California, multiple times. Each time it is a little bit different because I learn something new. So I will let you in on my little secrets 🙂

Disney NEW NEWS: 

  • Did you know that they changed the restrictions on adults dressing up in Disneyland? Make sure you check out the new rules before you decide to go so that you don’t get sent home and ruin the whole trip
  • THEY ARE TALKING NOW!!!!! It has been quite some time that the characters of Mickey, Minnie, and Donald Duck have been silently waving and hugging children. Well, GUESS WHAT! Now the characters are going to be talking, joking, telling stories and interacting with guests and each other!!! HOW COOL IS THAT! I have yet to confirm this for myself, but if anyone has confirmation of this please post a link or comment below 🙂
Hack Disney Magic Kingdoms & Make Your Memories Magical

Disney Magic Kingdom Costs and Deals

What about those prices?!? Everyone likes a good deal, but Disneyland has been able to circumvent even the savviest of criminals. However, there are a few websites and practices that can keep your cost low.

  • Check out the Anaheim Deals –  they will let you know if there are discount tickets or not. Most of the time, the discount tickets are going to be when the kids are back in school.
  • If you are American Military personnel you can also go to the window and buy the Military Discount tickets (at least in the States you can). If you just know someone who is military personnel and want them to buy the tickets online for you, well that doesn’t work anymore.
  • Check out Park Savers as well; they also have discounted ticket rates.
  • You can also scan through Undercover Tourist, Official Ticket Center
    • Please keep in mind that the official Disney Ticket office doesn’t include sales tax, where some of these 3rd party sellers will tack on that 6.5% (Florida) tax
  • If you have an AAA membership you can purchase tickets in their local office and you won’t have the sales tax added onto the final price either. Find a local AAA office near you.    

I beg you, whatever you do, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT buy tickets from eBay or Craigslist. They are not authorized dealers of Disney Tickets and the tickets are typically expired or scanned to the particular person that bought them.

Don’t Take Things Too Seriously – It’s the Happiest Place On Earth

  • I don’t have children, but I always love seeing them dress up in their Disney outfits and costumes. When you put them in a place like this it makes everything all the more magical.
  • Do you know what I love even more? When the parents dress up with them! They make a theme and all dress up together. Cutest family dress up that I have seen is about the Little Mermaid: Mom was a cute version of Ursula and her daughter was the little mermaid (it was a little odd to see Ursula hold the Little Mermaid, but it was so FUN that the parents dressed up like that – talk about a bonding moment)!
    • There have recently been new rules placed for those over 14 years old dressing up as characters, though. You cannot be an identical character to those you see in the films apparently. There were too many guests calling themselves cast members and they want to protect the image of Disney as well as legal ramifications that may come from this happening. Make sure to check out the new rules associated with adults dressing up as characters in Disneyland.
  • It’s crowded, but don’t get impatient. Just enjoy the moments and talk to your kids while they wait in line instead of letting them look at their cell phones the entire time. Or, use their cell phones to play games like Ellen DeGeneres game ‘Heads Up’
  • Don’t butt in line, just don’t, we all know you are doing it – playing the ‘I didn’t know, I’m sorry’ doesn’t really work anymore.
  • Yes, I’m sure there are other theme parks where the rides are more fun, faster and scarier than what Disneyland has, but Mr. Walt Disney actually hated theme parks and that was never his intention in the beginning. So take a look around and appreciate the small world that Disney creates for you and your family so you can have an amazing adventure, and memories you will never forget.
  • If you are single, well then you are in LUCK! Go to Disneyland ALONE!!! They have special lines for single riders at Disney and it will literally cut your wait time in half. Plus, gives you a great opportunity to meet the person they will likely stick you next to. Share the screaming love 🙂 You can also think of utilizing this if you are tired of riding ‘It’s a small world’ with the kiddos, and want to do a child swap and utilize the single rider line once or twice to get as much out of the park as your kids are.
Hack Disney Magic Kingdoms & Make Your Memories Magical

Are Park Hopper Tickets Really Worth It?

When to get a Park Hopper Pass:

  • If you are traveling with young children, I wouldn’t recommend it. It takes a lot of effort to get them on the rides, off the rides, get their food down, schedule their naps etc. If you are traveling with several families and staying more than 2-3 days, then definitely get a park hopper pass. Do a daycare exchange where you split into teams and one group goes to California adventure for the day, then the other group can take care of all the kids.
  • It’s not your first rodeo with Disneyland and you know exactly where you want to go and when.
  • You want to watch the firework shows or nighttime parades every night. This way, no matter what park you find yourself in, come time for the show, you are able to watch it.
  • If they are in their low season (typically while school is in session and it’s daytime) – when locals and season pass holders are not utilizing the park and you can easily move from one ride to another.
  • You get bored easily with one park and want to be able to hit the best rides first and jump in between each park.
Hack Disney Magic Kingdoms & Make Your Memories Magical

Things To Know Before Visiting

  • Check on Disneyland ride closures. There is always one or two that are under maintenance.
  • Check on Disneyland shows available. I am talking the Aladdin show, the Lion King show etc.
  • Get your ticket online and beat the whole line in general (See the list of resorts above and each hyperlink will lead you to the official ticket sales link for each respective resort.)
  • Get a Disneyland map to plan your routes and decide who will get fast passes – get an itinerary of what to see and when to eat and where. Make sure you read these tips on how to get the most out of your fast pass.
  • Download the Disney Wait Times App.
  • If you have Children under the age of 10, you may want to bring a stroller or rent a wheelchair as they tend to get tired by the end of the day covering so much ground.
  • Know how tall each of the children in your party is and check Height Restrictions for each ride so you don’t wait for 1-2 hours to get on a ride only to be disappointed that you or your child can’t go.
  • Bring a Poncho if you are planning on riding any of the Wet and Wild rides Disneyland has to offer. They do their best to protect your belongings, but it’s best to bring a Ziploc bag for your phone and/or camera.
Hack Disney Magic Kingdoms & Make Your Memories Magical

How to Get Early Entry Into Disney

Early entry hours are only on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. These days I would suggest taking advantage of the early hour with fast passes. Get in line at Cars, then when you exit, grab a fast pass and send someone to go and grab another fast pass from a different ride while waiting in line. 

 Some of the parks have circumvented this by only allowing you to have one FastPass at a time, or requesting a time 2 hours after your initial fast pass. Make sure you have valid park tickets before you arrive. If you opt for the Southern California CityPASS, then it may be purchased in advance or at the Main Entrance Ticket Booth.

Hack Disney Magic Kingdoms & Make Your Memories Magical

Healthy Places To Eat In Disneyland

Hack Disney Magic Kingdoms & Make Your Memories Magical

Little Known Secrets of Disneyland Resorts

  • Club 33 – only available at 3 of the Disney Parks (California, Shanghai, Tokyo – soon to be available at Walt Disney World.)
  • Hidden Mickey Ears throughout all of the Disney Parks – there are typically around 50 in Disneyland! Take the Challenge when you are there and find those hidden ears wherever you can. They can be hidden as decoration, flowers, sidewalk art, in photos on the rides, maybe even on characters 😉
  • If you visit Disneyland, you can see Walt’s actual apartment and get a tour of the place! It’s right next to the information desk.
  • If it’s your birthday, make sure to stop by guest relations for a Birthday Pin! The staff throughout the Park will literally stop you and wish you Happy Birthday. I went for my Birthday and it was seriously one of the funnest things I have done. They also have pins for graduation and if it’s your first visit to Disneyland.
    • If you decide to celebrate your Birthday at Disneyland and sit down at a table service restaurant, then tell them it’s your Birthday and you will get a fun Dessert.
Hack Disney Magic Kingdoms & Make Your Memories Magical

Traveler Tip: 

If you want a Birthday Pin and you are over 14 years old, then you will need to bring an official ID  with your Birthday on it. If you are just married, then I would also bring a copy of your wedding certificate, or at least a photo of it to show them.

  • You can request a FREE character autographed postcard by mailing: Walt Disney Company Attn: Fan mail Department 500 South Buena Vista Street Burbank, CA 91521
  • You can be the Captain of the Mark Twain Riverboat! Although it is typically reserved for those families with a young child 😉 Doesn’t hurt to ask the staff if you can!
  • Learn how to draw your favorite Disney Characters! Yes it’s true, you can learn how to draw them at the Disneyland Animation Academy
  • Ask to ride on the train engines at Disney
  • Get beads at New Orleans Square
  • Ask for stickers from Cast Members and you can get the real Wilderness Adventure Sticker as well
  • There is free Buffet dining for those under 3 years old
  • Book your Disney Vacation as a package and you can get loads of free items as well
  • Downtown Disneyland was modeled after a real town in Marceline, Missouri
  • The Disney family Crest is what is above the gate in Sleeping Beauty’s Castle
  • The drawbridge at Disneyland does actually work but has only been used twice since its inception
  • For more Disney Secrets, visit Wander Wisdom