Travel Hacks in Prague

Travel Hacks in Prague

Visiting any foreign country there are always nerves and certain anxieties that come from entering the unknown. I have condensed my Travel Hacks in Prague article for you to give a quick and dirty of what you should take into consideration when visiting this beautiful city.

Travel Hacks in Prague

Currency Travel Hacks

  • Money exchange on the street is NEVER a good idea. There are several scams where people ask if you need to exchange money and give you an insane deal on the exchange rate. When you go to buy something in the shops, the money is often fake.
  • Even Money Exchange places that have actual shops are scamming people.
    • commission charges are anywhere from 26-42%
    • Chequepoint: charges 42% commision!!! What?!?!?! So basically they want half the money you saved for your trip – they have been there for 30 years, right in the middle of the main town square
  • Money Exchange is not the greatest at the ATM’s but its better than the city center with an actual bank.
  • When you use an ATM overseas make sure you select: “without conversion” and you will get a better rate.
  • If you are ever asked if you would like to pay in the local currency vs your own currency (at least for USD) make sure you pick local currency. You get a better rate and as long as its a debit card you don’t get charged for a foreign transaction fee (at least this is the case with my particular bank, but make sure to check with your bank on this prior to leaving).
  • Don’t change your money at Interchange! – They charge 5% commission and conveniently located in the center of town right where most of the tourists are.
  • Change money in  a legitimate bank in Prague Center itself (you will know its legit when you see about 7 people waiting in line to exchange money that are speaking Czech)
  • You can pay with your credit card or debit card at most places – if your card doesn’t have a chip, well, it’s really going to throw the Europeans off & some of their readers don’t work anymore so be prepared with backup cash when necessary.
  • You can pay for anything with Euros if you want, they accept either Czech Krowns or Euros (wish I would have known this before getting currency for each country I was visiting).
Travel Hacks in Prague

Airport Travel Hacks

  • Terminal 1 is for flights going out of the EU
  • Between Terminal 1 & Terminal 2 (in the corner) there is great little grocery place for you called Bill’s Supermarket. Find someone who speaks English and they can direct you there, which many Czech locals do speak English you will find and are very friendly despite the calm outside demeanor.
  • Check-in/Check-out process for going home:
    • They don’t open luggage drop off until about 3 hours before your flight and will ask you a series of questions prior to returning home (some are a little odd, but just go with it– they are stone-faced serious about this)
    • Don’t use the check luggage kiosks – they charge $20 but at the ticket counter they cost $0
    • You then step to Border control and passport processing  which is pretty painless
    • The actual security checkpoints where they scan your luggage are at each of the gates and only open up the security luggage processing about 1 hr before your flight so you are typically sitting in chairs waiting for the sign to pop up with your gate to open to those passengers. If you think you can sneak in, well think again – I watched as they turned people away again and again.
  • There is a restaurant in Terminal one with a great view, but I was too tired to look for it. So next time you’re there, go find it and let us know here what your review of it was 🙂
Travel Hacks in Prague

Prague Public Transport Travel Hacks

  • To get to the Town center from the Airport, buy a ticket at the Yellow Kiosk for 32 CZK, Then go to the second platform outside the doors
  • 119 goes to the Green Metro
  • 100 goes to the Yellow Metro
  • When you take a taxi, agree on the price beforehand. Do not utilize the taxi’s in the city center, they are often costly.
  • Uber also operates in this city – uber is great and only costs about $12-$13 USD  (265-565 CZK). If it’s high tide for rides, then just take the bus if your luggage isn’t going to be too bothersome to cart around with you. (#packlightpeople)
  • Within the City, there are trams that you can take, but make sure you have a ticket before getting on the bus, and some change in case you need to buy one.
Travel Hacks in Prague

Finding Toliets in the Center of Prague

  • There are toilets at either end of the main square in the restaurants. These will cost you about 2 CZK – which really is pennies in USD so just go ahead and pay it. There are a limited number of bathrooms for the public. Most of the restaurants will allow you to use their water closets if you have a meal with them. Just make sure to ask your waiter for a little ticket to let you get into the toilet for free.
  • Some toilets are hidden from plain view. Look for the big green and white WC sign and you will be able to find one. The famous woman and man sign you see for the toilets in the US are not universally used in Prague. You will need to retrain your brain to look for something different if you grew up here.
Travel Hacks in Prague

In Summary: 

If you find yourself dreaming of visiting the Hollywood of Europe, be sure to review these Travel Hacks in Prague. Take cash with you, don’t exchange money in the city center. Make sure you have a few Euro (in exact change) should you find you need to use the water closet.
Hope this helps, and you have a wonderful time in this beautiful city. If you have any travel hacks you would suggest while visiting this city, please list them below.

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Legends of Moab

Legends of Moab

Discover the Legends of Moab Not only is Moab a great place for Jeep Safari’s, hiking, climbing, river rafting and pretty much anything you can think of to do outdoors. The Legends of Moab & its history are something everyone should know, so that travel becomes not just a grand adventure, but a meaningful and educational grand adventure. Here are some of the Legends and History of Moab that I have recently learned about:

History of Dead Horse Point & its Legends:

This is 5200 acres of beautiful deserts, steep cliffs, and sunsets that will knock your socks off. I didn’t realize this was a State Park actually, so be sure to stop by the visitors center and pay the entrance fee.

Legens of Moab

Where does the name Deadhorse Point come from?

The name Dead Horse Point comes from the story, that in the 1800’s this area was used to herd wild Mustangs. When you walk or drive along the Road you come to an area where, it is said, that a herd of ‘unwanted’ Mustangs was herded into this small area next to the 2000 ft cliff and eventually died from thirst due to the brutality of Drovers during that time.

Legends of Moab

The truth is, that yes the area was often used as a place to herd mustangs because of the natural corrals that were created by the surrounding cliffs. The story has changed over time but really was just that because it was so often used as a herding location, the unforgiving nature of the desert in Summertime caused many horses to die from exposure or thirst. It seems to depend on where you get your information from, which of these perspectives is true…..I will let you decide.

Legends of Moab
Interesting facts about Dead Horse Point:

Beyond the Legend, a rather depressing one at that, this place is an iconic photography location for weddings, landscape photography, and filmmaking. You would have seen Dead Horse Point featured in the final shot of the film ‘Thelma & Louise‘.

Legends of Moab

If you come at sunset, you can get stunning photos of the red rock and play of light and dark on the cliffs and surrounding area. Sunrise is the best time to get the clearest photos of the picturesque Colorado River winding around the canyons.  It is also an ideal place for those who love Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing or hiking.

Legends of Moab

Your hike will begin just at the Visitor’s Center and is 1.5 to 2 miles long with an easy trail, well marked, slight elevation gain. We frequently stopped and took photographs, enjoying the views, to complete the trail it took us 45-minutes, even with all the photography breaks. We took the walk back to the Dead Horse Point Visitors Center, which took about 25 minutes & was accompanied by a spectacularly colorful sunset.

Legends of Moab within Indian writings:

Along Potash Road in Moab, you will find Indian writing and Petroglyphs. These unique and historical drawings are so ancient, that the drawings are typically dated by what is depicted (500 AD for bow and arrows, 1500 AD if horses are seen).

Legends of Moab

I stood in wonder at how archaic these writings are, what their meaning was to the people of that time period & if we will really ever know why exactly they chose to make the effort of carving them into the stone.

Legends of Moab

How were the Petroglyphs Discovered?

Archeologists discovered the petroglyphs prior to construction of Potash Road. There are many other Indian Petroglyphs throughout Moab, to view more of them visit where a map will be provided & tips on how to find them.

Legends of Moab

Johnny Depp filmed a portion of Lone Ranger along Potash Road, so if you see the film keep a look out for it.

Dinosaur tracks in Moab:

To see the toe prints of the dinosaurs and more of the Indian Petroglyphs, follow this map and bring your binoculars! One of the few places you can likely see something like this, so don’t miss it!

Legends of Moab Dinosaur Tracks

Legends of Moab and the Fisher Towers:

Located 16 miles South of Moab, with a rather bumpy dirt road that approaches it, is the Fisher Towers. These sandstone giants (of up to 1,000 feet) each have different names, with the largest tower being called the Titan Tower, with the popular climbing route called Sundevil Chimney.

Fisher Towers in Moab

There is not just one tower, but several towers each with distinct names. One of the more famous towers, is the corkscrew tower (part of the Ancient Arts formation), due to its draw for Rock Climbers along the Stolen Chimney route.

Fisher Towers in Moab

These unique natural wonders are 245 MILLION years old! Named after a miner who lived in the area in the 1800’s.  Would you rather have a natural wonder or a celestial star named after you? I like to imagine that he was a great cook of fish stew, told wicked campfire stories, and never gave up his dream of finding copper in those sandstone mountains.

View from Fisher Towers in Moab

Legends of Moab in the Miners Town

In the 1800’s there was a mining town near here. The Mining community consisted of only 75-80 families.  The mining, tragically, didn’t last for very long and most of the families moved to other towns for better work. Some of the mines actually still survive today, although most are too dangerous to explore now.

Where to Stay in Moab:

What to Pack For Moab

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