The Culture Trekking Mission:

I truly feel we are the sum of everyone that we meet in our lives, we  take a little bit of good from everyone we meet. I have met a lot of people around the world, and love connecting with them & learning what makes them truly unique. 
The people I encounter while traveling when they feel I am genuinely interested in who they are & what they had to say, they opened up a whole new world for me (as Aladdin would say).
What they taught me helped to open my mind to what I considered ‘normal’ in my hometown wasn’t always the case internationally. The word ‘normal’ is so relative to our backgrounds, culture, integrity, and individual experiences.
Learning about the way people go about their typical day to day lives, what they consider to be a normal routine; may just be the most unique thing I am able to witness in my travels. From the food they eat, how they are educated,  local hangout’s, how they react in certain conversations and their favorite vacation spots…’s all so fascinating! I mean have you ever thought about your favorite vacation spot? Now think about where the people in that town/city/country go on vacation!?!?! Kinda blows your mind doesn’t it….well it does for me anyway.
When we truly try to ‘seek first to understand’,  we may be able to see ourselves reflected in those people we may have once feared or thought to be strange.
I have anxiety and PTSD and I find that when I make a concentrated and intentional effort to connect with people and the world around me, those things become a lot more manageable in my day to day life.
Some travel to take selfies, show their perfect bodies I would kill for, but for me……..the comparing myself to others stops now. I will seek the unique, I will live my life without fear,  I will laugh & not be afraid of crying, I will be genuine, I will be a humanitarian, I will be that change I wish to see in the world…….and I hope to help you do the same.
So let us travel together, connect with those in this world in more meaningful ways, explore the different cultural backgrounds, be unique & seek out the unique TOGETHER…… doing so, I truly believe we can change the world around us in doing so. 
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  1. You have a really great energy! I am happy to see a travel blogger who is not also a “fashion” or “lifestyle” blogger, but one who wants to share the history and character of a location!

    • We should DEFINITELY be friends! It’s so hard to find a ‘tribe’ that likes this type of stuff! But I’m determined to find all the ‘diamonds in the rough’ that I can – ❤️

  2. I think this is so important. I really believe that our country would be less divided if everyone traveled more. When you travel, you realize that there’s no “us” and “them,” and that we are all more alike than we are different. You’re right that travel opens your mind and helps you conquer fear. We need more of that!

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