The Culture Trekking Mission:

I truly feel we are the sum of everyone that we meet in our lives, we  take a little bit of good from everyone we meet. I have met a lot of people around the world, and love connecting with them & learning what makes them truly unique. 

Culture Trekking is a site dedicated to connecting communities, exploring without boundaries, and finding unique art and adventures where ever you may be.

Connecting Communities:

I truly feel our own characters are the sum of the places and people that we meet, so why not connect with as many as we can, throughout the world and not just in our own communities. When we try to reach across the aisle, and sincerely ask, ‘Would you mind telling me your story?’ — hearts will open, and so will our opportunities to truly be the change that we seek to see in the world.

There is more than just listening to a story, there is also being a part of that story through volunteering – both in the community and abroad. As a Physician Assistant, I have dedicated my life to helping people not just physically, but mentally and socially as well. Humanitarian work, in all its forms, is very important to me, and I hope to provide an avenue that we as a Culture Trekking Community can do more of this.

Exploring without Boundaries:

As a solo female traveler, you often hear how dangerous a place is or its people, or have worried parents telling you that you need to check in at every pit stop, restaurant, and hotel you visit. I feel that no matter where you are in this world, a society or people will always be warning me about ‘the others’, but when you first seek to understand a people and their traditions mixed with their history, it helps to break stigmas and boundaries.

I refuse to let sensationalism of the mainstream media, superstitions, race, religion, boundaries deter me from exploring all this world has to offer. Does this mean I am encouraging risky behavior? No, it means that I hope to inspire those in this Culture Trekking Community to rethink what they feel they know about their world and community and base their knowledge off of real-world experiences and not the rumors, news, or movies that skew the truth and that more often than not we tend to be inundated with.

Finding Unique Art & Adventures, where ever you may be:

As an artist, I feel that celebrating art in all its forms is something very important to me. If it is through music, food, dancing, canvas, sculpture or abstract — if it provokes thought, captures tradition, and celebrates culture I want to preserve it & celebrate it with this community.

Adventures do not have to be in a land far far away, they can be in our own backyard. Our brains are powerful tools of protection, and getting ‘stuck in a rut’ as we say, is something that we hardly know happening until it is too late. The brain will always want to do what is safe….what is comfortable….but I hope to inspire each member of this community to do just the opposite. I hope that by sharing the stories of those from around the world, exploring without boundaries, celebrating tradition and culture through art, will help us find those unique adventures that will force us to cherish living outside our comfort zones and let those experiences transform us into better human beings. Don’t be afraid of living, be afraid of not taking advantage of the time that is given to us to change ourselves for the better. Life isn’t about comfort zones, it is about getting out there and facing our fears and living it to its fullest.

I am incredibly excited and humbled to share my journey with you & cannot wait to connect with each of you & hear your stories.

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  1. You have a really great energy! I am happy to see a travel blogger who is not also a “fashion” or “lifestyle” blogger, but one who wants to share the history and character of a location!

    • We should DEFINITELY be friends! It’s so hard to find a ‘tribe’ that likes this type of stuff! But I’m determined to find all the ‘diamonds in the rough’ that I can – ❤️

  2. I think this is so important. I really believe that our country would be less divided if everyone traveled more. When you travel, you realize that there’s no “us” and “them,” and that we are all more alike than we are different. You’re right that travel opens your mind and helps you conquer fear. We need more of that!

    • Ah! I’m soooo happy you said this! Your echoing my beliefs precisely! Thanks for being here Lois & making our Culture Trekking Community a little bit bigger 🙂 We need more people like you here!

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