Case Study: Southern Utah

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Case 1: Southern Utah and Surrounding Areas

Promotional campaign for Southern Utah:

Six articles, with two ranking on page one or two of Google How many people interacted/clicked for each of those posts published so far (as of 10/16/18:
  • Kodachrome Basin Post: 1,160
  • Ruin Park Utah: 1,120
  • Legends of Moab: 800
  • Guide to Dog Friendly Moab: 687
  • Hiking in Zion National Park: 267
  • How to travel with furry friend in Moab: 76
Embedded Link Clicks (as of 10/16/18) :
  • Kodachrome Scribble Map: 37
  • Discover Moab: 18
  • Various Hotel Links for Moab Clicked: 92
  • Moab Hiking: 3
  • Moab Barkery: 2
  • Moab Brewery: 1
  • Climb Moab: 1
  • Valley of Fire: 1
  • Dead Horse Point: 8


What was the goal of these? To get people to explore other parts of Utah that are uniquely different than just doing a mass transit to Zion National Park and overwhelming their resources.

Google SEO Results (as of 10/16/18):

A Guide to A Dog Friendly Moab (Key Words: Dog Friendly Moab) — Page 1 of Google Hiking in Kodachrome Basin State Park Utah (Key Words: Hiking in Kodachrome Basin State Park)— Page 2 of Google

Website Stats for this campaign (as of 10/16/18):

Total PV generated for destination and surrounding areas:

  • 4,110 page views

Total Social Media Shares for each article (as of 10/16/18):

  • Kodachrome Basin State Park: 113 Shares
  • Arrowhead Hunting: 114 Shares
  • A Guide to a Dog Friendly Moab: 160 Shares
  • Legends of Moab: 251 Shares
  • Hiking in Zion National Park: 19 Shares
  • Hiking with Your Furry Friend in Moab: 27 Shares
Instagram Engagement generated in Total (as of 10/16/18):
  • 1,222 engagements just for Southern Utah
Twitter Impressions generated in Total (as of 10/16/18):
  • 1,448 impressions just for Southern Utah
Facebook Stats for Promotion (as of 10/16/18):
  • 1,209 Reach
  • 51 engagement
  • 49 Clicks

What I would do differently next time:

  • Have more coverage on local activities, farmers markets etc…
  • Find more hikes that are dog friendly as well as those that aren’t dog friendly
  • Stay for a longer period of time, as most of these locations were visited in a very short amount of time.
  • Visit Hotels mentioned in my articles
  • Share on Pinterest, Flipboard, and other social media channels, travel groups to help increase reach.
  • Embed Videos in each article

What I Feel Worked Well:

  • Hiking in areas that are not well known to tourists or publicized on the internet. Having the courage to travel with our dogs, despite travel on the whole not being very friendly towards animals.
  • Making videos of our time in Southern Utah, and being honest about what we enjoyed and did not enjoy.
  • The thoroughness of checking different pricing of hotels and availability for dogs to stay with us and the cost, as much of the information found online is not correct.
  • Obtaining high quality photos no matter what time of day or year it is, utilizing Adobe Lightroom to help enhance a 2D picture of a 3D moment.
  • Having an honest opinion of our stay, struggles of hiking with dogs, and including very human elements in our posts made this promotional campaign very relatable and real to our readers – which helped them connect to the information we were trying to portray.

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