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Booking Flights is likely the hardest part of planning any trip. These days you have to worry about leg room, layover time, being on time and which airport you may have to spend 8 hours in at 1 am after already traveling 16 hours.

After some intense research (nearly 6 hours) I compiled an easy way for both you and I to make this easier. My Complete Guide on Booking flights with applications on your phone is a must have for any frequent traveler or adventurer.

Apps included in this guide are ones on flying, aiports, flight tracking, flight booking, how to filter amenities within the flight, how to look up the aircraft to investigate legroom, which apps are the best ones to track companions flying on different planes to the same destination, and apps that you can find very cheap one way flights in cases of delays, inclement weather, or missed flights. I also included apps that you can use to let someone else worry about all the details for you, these do cost money.

If you have as much time consuming trouble booking flights as I use to, then email me at and I will send you this guide for free as a way for saying thank you to my readers. If you would like help getting started I would be more than happy to offer assistance.

Happy Travels, Happy Tales, and see you on the flip side.

Complete Flight App Guide
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Booking Flights

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