Christmas Activities near Salt Lake City Utah (from a Local)

Christmas Activities near Salt Lake City Utah (from a Local)

This truly is the most wonderful time of year! With a strong Latter-Day Saint (aka Mormon) culture here in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas, Christmas activities near Salt Lake City are plentiful and truly inspiring for any Christian or non-Christian visitor alike. So here are a few of my favorite things to do during Christmas, here at home, in Salt Lake City Utah.

Christmas Activities Near Salt Lake City Utah

Temple Square Lights

This is one of the BEST places to see Christmas lights! The Christmas Lights at Temple Square started over 50 years ago, in 1965. The lighting of the Latter-Day Saint Temple Square was overseen by their leader President Mckay who hired a leading arborist to spend six weeks hanging 40,000 lights. Using a cherry picker and a ladder, the magic of Christmas started in Salt Lake City Utah.

The number of lights in temple square today is not exactly known, but it is estimated that in 1997 there were over 800,000 lights (which grows a little more each year).

If you take a trip to Temple Square to see the lights, be sure you visit the Cedar of Lebanon. This tree is only lit every other year but is over 70 feet tall (a large tree by Utah desert standards). This tree has been growing for the last 75 years and is covered in 75,000 lights. The tree is quite special in that it was brought over from Jerusalem as a seed, planted and grown in Temple Square since that time.

Each year there are a few things that really make Temple Square special besides the lights. There is a life-sized nativity scene at the North Vistors center and an additional nativity scene on the reflection pool that has floating candles that make this a truly special visual Christmas feast.

Last but not least, grab some hot chocolate, listen to the volunteer carolers on the weekend, and stroll past hundreds of handmade paper lanterns with the message of ‘peace’ on them written in different languages.

Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square

This is a difficult concert to get into, mostly because it is free and hugely popular with the locals. Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert is an intensely moving musical phenomenon that happens yearly at the new Latter-Day Saint Conference Center.

It is a cast of over 600 individuals, with 360 choir voices rigorously trained throughout the year with some of the toughest competition to be a part of the choir. They are then accompanied by 150 instrumentalists, and 32 Bell ringers with various actors, singers, dancers, and a special guest artist invited to perform each year.

This concert is typically held for 3 days (Thursday-Saturday) at starts at 8 pm. You need to set an alarm for when the ticketing process begins, and/or put your name into a lottery for a ticket.

If you don’t get in, there are also 30-minute weekly music and the spoken word concerts that are broadcasted on Sunday mornings that will feature some of the guests involved in the program.

If you do get a chance to attend the concert though, it will be one of the most incredible and hair raising musical experiences you will ever witness. I always enjoy the Christmas concerts because they are so well done & just focus on the message of Christ in Christmas.

Festival Of Trees

This is a short four-day exhibit of a holiday winter wonderland with uniquely decorated trees, wreaths, playhouses, centerpieces, quilts, gingerbread houses all exhibited for a good cause. You see, everything you see here is for sale, and all the funds raised at the Festival of Trees go to the children at Primary Children’s Hospital. There is a specific person, patient, or family that the tree is donated for – to help with hospital bills, or get a procedure done.

If you can’t afford the items for sale, even buying a ticket or participating in some of the more affordable activities will all be contributed to a good cause. Shops are filled with dolls, handmade Christmas crafts, quilts, fresh baked cookies/candies/fudge/scones, and cinnamon rolls.

They also have a stage set up, where different children’s dance studios volunteer to provide the most adorable holiday ‘tutu’ entertainment for Festival-goers. Buy Tickets for the Festival of Trees today and support those families that will be spending their Christmas fighting for the life of a child.

Dicken’s Festival

The Dickens’ Festival is not just another craft show, it is an Olde English Christmas themed town full of shops, hundreds of period costumes, fortune tellers, orphans, royalty, and the REAL Father Christmas. Despite being in the middle of a desert, you truly feel you have been transported into an old European shopping show.

The aisles are transformed into old London streets, each vendor is dressed in Old Victorian fashion – really adding to the whole experience.

There are also Mini-productions of the musical based on Charles Dickens’ “Scrooge” that is performed nightly. I remember dancing here as a child and was delighted by the puppet shows, street theater. As an adult, I am dazzled by the Fezziwig Dance party and the Spirits of Christmas Past, Present, and Future that wander old London shopping streets.

Tickets (as of 2019) are $6-$8, so it is really affordable to take the whole family for a little Pseudo-European Christmas delight.

Hogle Zoo Christmas Lights

This is a unique spin on Christmas lights, and will whimsically delight all animal lovers. Over 200 lighted animals glitter and twinkle throughout December right alongside the other zoo animals. If you go a little early, you can grab a delicious dinner at the Beast-ro, grab a cup of hot cocoa, and nibble on the tasty treats dotting the sidewalks around the zoo.

This year, (2019) is going to be a special year, because Hogle Zoo has hired Lightasmic (from California) to build 10 large animal lanterns. This will be a fantastic illuminated spectacle, along with the 135-foot lighted tunnel that is always a hit with photographers 🙂

It isn’t just animals, but elves that offer finishing touches to this Christmas Activity in Salt Lake City. My favorite part? In addition to the tunnel, it is actually the S’mores at the Oasis Plaza dipped in hot chocolate. This is a camping favorite and nothing tastes better right before a peaceful night of dreaming of sugarplums dancing in my head.

Ballet West Nutcracker Capitol Theatre

Did you know that Ballet West in Salt Lake City produces the longest-running American production of the Nutcracker? I didn’t either, but I remember growing up going to the Nutcracker all the time and wanting to be Clara. I wanted to be whisked away by the beautifully dancing toy soldier, swans and other creatures of the Toyland imagination of the Nutcracker.

Each year it changes, and not in a minor way, the core story stays the same, but there are different time periods, themes, and sets. There has not been a year that has been disappointing, and if you or your daughters/sons have a dancers’ heart – then I highly suggest going to see this on a Mommy-Daughter date.

Hale Center Theatre

What is Christmas without a good old fashioned visit to the theatre to see, A Christmas Carol? Hale Center theatre started as a small theatre next to Dick’s Market in Bountiful Utah, it has since grown into one of the premiere Theatres in Utah.

This circular theatre has all the bells and whistles to surprise and delight patrons with Christmas songs and dance. If you have never seen A Christmas Carol, I would recommend watching it as a family holiday tradition. It reminds us to think less about money, and more about how we treat people and serving others.

There is plenty of free covered parking, but I highly suggest bringing your own snacks and treats. The cost to quantity ratio is pretty exorbitant & they also still use plastic straws and cups.

Abravanel Hall Symphony

For a refined and cultured evening out, why not go listen to the plucking and prancing of notes with ‘Here Comes Santa Claus’ at Abravanel Hall. There are different concerts throughout the holiday season, including the Messiah Sing-In, to Harry Potter.

City Creek Center

The City Creek Center is very close to Temple Square and offers the perfect parental tool to have your kids see Santa. This is one of the few places that offers a virtual ticket to see Santa, so instead of waiting in line, you can show up at the allotted time and let the munchkins pour out their deepest desires to the jolly man himself.

After seeing Santa, pop in and out of shops to grab your holiday bits and bobs. Bring a sucker for the kids as you walk over to Macy’s candy windows.  I loved seeing these unique and artistic masterpieces as a child. These holiday-themed windows hold the best candy art you will see. Each window is made entirely of candy and can be anything from a massive Elf workshop, to a Polar Bear learning how to ice skate.

This shopping center is quite unique, in that it transforms from an outdoor shopping venue to an indoor shopping venue as the weather changes.

Christkindle Market

This is another favorite activity of mine because it takes place at ‘This Is The Place Heritage Park’, which is an old Pioneer village. This historic park is transformed into the Christkindle Market, a shopping and community experience inspired by the German Christmas markets.

There is a live Nativity, Christmas songs and mini-performances where they tell you the origin of the Christmas songs. You can get caramel apples, strudel, and so many other tasty treats.

They have a mini-parade down main street, where a parade of light, elves, and children followed up by Jolly Saint Nicolas. There is a stage for entertainment, fire pits to warm your hands, and so many Christmas decorations around it is hard to not feel the Christmas spirit. There are also truly unique mini log cabin shops dotted throughout the historic park that offer very unique and delightful Christmas gifts.

Shopping at SouthTowne – Hogsmead

The holidays are filled with giving of presents and trinkets….but the hoards of people and crowds can sometimes make for an unenjoyable time preparing for Christmas. This is why I recommend shopping at SouthTowne Center during Christmas – the magic of Christmas transforms it into a shopping Hogsmeade playground of spending your hard-earned money.

Feel the magic of Harry Potter entertain your kids, while you try and guess the deepest desires of those closest to you. It might make the stress of the holidays a little more enjoyable to feel like you are visiting a beloved children’s classic.

Evermore Aurora

If you read my Halloween Activities To Do In Salt Lake City Utah, then you know how much I enjoyed going to Evermore. If not, then be sure to visit Evermore for their Aurora Winter Season story.

Walk into an ever-changing interactive movie set, and discover their famous sweet and savory treats in this Nordic-inspired fantasy world. When you visit, you will be addressed as a ‘World Walker’ as many of the staff are part of the story and characters who live in the Dickinsonian inspired wonderland. The trees are glittering with frost and lights, taverns, mills, and shops all have a story that is waiting to be discovered.

Here you, as a world walker, must go on a quest – interact with the characters and discover what the secret of magic is in this mystical wonderland. Tickets are a bit on the steep side, but if you plan on spending the whole day – it is well worth the cost (in my opinion at least).

Park City Torchlight Parade

If you are truly looking for a unique Christmas Eve experience, or like to be outdoors more than indoors celebrating – then head to Park City for the Torchlight Parade.

This is a Christmas Eve tradition that has been happening for over 55 years. You can begin the chilly evening with some holiday music at the base of the mountain, and then bring your light of choice to ski down the mountain with – creating a festival of lights in motion.

Heber Utah

These are the farthest Christmas Activities near Salt Lake City, in Heber Utah.

Polar Express

The local train, the Heber Creeper transforms into the Polar Express, where the adults and kids alike can enjoy a 90-minute ride to the North Pole. They can sip on hot cocoa, and eat some of Mrs. Claus’ famous chocolate chip cookies, singing along to traditional Christmas favorites.

The elves and cocoa chefs will be bustling up and down the isles, entertaining and interacting with passengers along the way. Once you reach the North Pole, Santa will board the train and present a special gift to each child.

You can choose from a regular passenger ticket to a first-class ticket, or even rent out the Red Caboose for a private group of 10-12. If you really want to wow and entertain, then rent the luxury table and lounge gare or business car (20-50 passengers) for a perfect Christmas Party setting.

Midway Ice Castles

Make it an overnight trip from Salt Lake City and spend the night in Heber so you can visit the Midway Ice Castles. These famous Ice Castles started as a hobby for a family, who were then visited and promoted by Oprah herself.

These hand-built, carefully crafted castles are a true winter wonderland. It almost appears as if Elsa (from the popular Disney movie Frozen) built them herself. If you are lucky Elsa and her sister may be taking photos and greeting guests outside the Ice Castles.

These Ice Castles are a fabulous playground because adults can play with their kids, instead of just having to watch them. I think we are often forced to believe that we cannot participate in child-like fun because we are ‘adults’. I believe we really begin to age when we lose the childlike innocence and suppress our imaginations.

Luminaria at Thanksgiving Point

This is a newly discovered Christmas Activity near Salt Lake City that I definitely want to participate in this year. The Luminaria at Thanksgiving Point transforms the hill with changing pictures made from 5,000 luminaries.

While I don’t personally have experience at this event, I know how beautiful Thanksgiving Point Gardens are outside of Christmas time, and so can only imagine how beautiful this will be. They also have a section of the gardens that was donated with statues of scenes from the Bible. It is a very peaceful and reflective place, that I think combined with the Luminaria will be a perfect way to remember the reason for the season.

Volunteering For Christmas Near Salt Lake City

There are other ways to remember the reason for the season, and that is by volunteering to serve others. You can do it in so many different ways, but here are a few ideas I have in how to serve those around you during this holiday season. Out of all the Christmas activities near Salt Lake City, this one will be far more moving for you than anything else – by giving back into the world for all you have been given.

  • Wrap presents at Provo Towne Center Mall to raise money for Habitat for Humanity to help families who may need a home, to finally have a warm place to stay.
  • The Forgotten Patient Christmas Project, hosted by the Utah State Mental Hospital, has been operating for the last 50 years. Rather than providing Christmas for an entire family, a patient comes up with a Christmas List, and when you buy one gift for the patient and give it to them on Christmas and spend some time together. If you are interested in sponsoring a patient, please contact Shawna Peterson, Director of Volunteer Services at 801-344-4254.
  • Christmas season in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit is not the ideal place to spend the ‘babies first Christmas’. Sunset Crochet (from Sunset Family Living) hosts 12 days of Christmas knitting project. Where for 12 days you knit a hat each day for a baby in the NICU. The patterns are sent by email, and then you are asked to donate the knitted hats to the nearest NICU.
  • Candy Cane Corner in Salt Lake gives those receiving services from the YWCA Utah, The Road Home, or Volunteers of America, Utah, the opportunity to choose Christmas gifts in a shopping-like environment. As a volunteer, you will help organize, lift and carry items, sort donations and wrap presents for the individuals/families in need. If you plan on bringing more than five people, please call and make an appointment to help better facilitate and organize according to the needs of the Candy Cane Corner.

Happy Holidays to You and Yours

I love this time of year, the giving, the feeling, the movies, the treats, the anticipation of good things to come. Christmas truly has a reason for the season, and that is Christ, his example of loving those around him – even those who society as a whole had a hard time loving. So embrace the strange, weird, or rejected of society – let them know they are loved.

I hope by sharing this guide on Christmas activities near Salt Lake City will help those visiting or locals be able to forge long-lasting memories. I pray that you can cherish the family and the connections with those who are close to you. Never stop believing in a little magic, and I truly wish you and yours a happy holiday and Merry Christmas this year.

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Thanksgiving Activities Near Salt Lake City Utah (from a Local)

Thanksgiving Activities Near Salt Lake City Utah (from a Local)

Thanksgiving is a time to spend with family, friends, loved ones and was originally celebrated by Pilgrims and Native Americans to give thanks for the harvest. It has since turned into a time of gorging ourselves on food, followed by a (sometimes violent) Black Friday. It has been sad for me to see this happening in my lifetime, to be honest. I decided to write a post on how you can better spend your Thanksgiving with your family or friends in a way that fosters unity, family bonds, and to encourage the good memories that will last far longer than the material possessions you may acquire on Black Friday. So here is the perfect guide for Thanksgiving Activities near Salt Lake City Utah from a local, who is trying to turn Black Friday into a White Friday of service and outdoor fun.

Thanksgiving activities near Salt Lake City. A Thanksgiving Run with the Utah Food bank

Get in Shape for Thanksgiving

This has been a favorite tradition of mine because it gets the common and chronic New Years Resolution of continuing to try to be healthier started early (at least for my own goals it has become a chronic goal). Get in shape for Thanksgiving with the whole family, or invite your friends and make it a group run. Here are a few of my favorite runs here in Utah that I would suggest.

Utah Human Race

This was my first and favorite run I have done. Arriving at the Utah Human race I saw families dressed in matching T-shirts, college kids dressed as turkeys and different thanksgiving dishes, there were tu-tu’s and various other Thanksgiving-themed costumes. It doesn’t matter if you walk with your kid in a stroller, or sprint the whole race – all are welcome. The feeling of this race seemed a little more relaxed and more fun.

What makes this run really special, is that your entry fee goes to the Utah Foodbank. It helps those who are homeless in the city or families that can’t afford a Thanksgiving dinner, to have dinner with their own family. Either way, it is a great run, for a good cause.

Thanksgiving activities near Salt Lake City - Turkey Trot

Turkey Trot

The Turkey Trot is still filled with loads of costumes, families, and college kids and is just as fun as the Utah Human Race but is in Sandy Utah, about 15 minutes south of Salt Lake City. This 5k run is good for all ages, and really close to movie theatres.

Lehi Thankful 13

This run is for those who want to maintain their training with a half marathon, those who want a good workout before a big meal and a specific kids run is also available. This run is right down by Thanksgiving Point and gardens, with the Wasatch Mountains and Timpanogus mountain in the distance & the Oquirrh Mountains on the opposite side for a fantastic landscape view. It is about 30 minutes outside Salt Lake City, easily accessible via Uber or a group ride.

Thanksgiving activities near Salt Lake City  - Ski Resort

Thanksgiving Activities near Salt Lake City : Ski and Snowboard for Family Bonding

While going up to the ski resorts on Thanksgiving, or the day after Thanksgiving is getting more popular – it is still far less crowded than weekends. There are going to be changes to parking regulations this year, due to how crowded the resorts are getting.

You will now need to pay for parking at the ski resorts (prices vary), you will need to check the resort to get the full details. Some ski resorts have actually built gondola rides from the lower parking lots to the resort entrances (ie/ Park City) to make parking further away a little easier.

Here are the projected opening times for 2019 for the ski resorts. These opening times can change so check each ski resorts site. I have a gut feeling winter this year (2019) is going to be quite brutal, based on the amount of cold weather and small snow flurries we have had already. This means terrible Utah driving, but great skiing this winter at the resorts.

Thanksgiving activities near Salt Lake City - Snow Activities

Alta Ski Area, Nov. 20

This is arguably my favorite place to go skiing. There are no snowboarders allowed on these slopes. I personally can no longer snowboard because of a major head injury (think life-flighted to the hospital), if I fall or get whiplash even a little bit, I end up with pretty severe migraines.

While banning snowboarders isn’t personal, this private resort focuses on catering to skiers. The sideways stance of a snowboarder leaves blind spots when they make their wide sweeping turns, which can be dangerous to skiers. Because I have to be very protective of my neck and avoid hitting my head when falling – being able to ski in a safer environment like this (at least for me) is very reassuring and allows me to have a better time.

It makes it more peaceful, and more enjoyable to not always have to be on the lookout for being hit (or cut off) by a snowboarder. It is also a great resort for beginning skiers, especially kids. I would recommend the Albion, Sunnyside, and Cecret on the looker’s left side of the mountain. rooked Mile is ideal for beginners at Alta, as you can ski at altitude and enjoy sweeping mountain views.

If you have snowboarders in your party, you can get a combo pass for Alta and Snowbird, called the ‘AltaBird’ pass where you can ski Alta over to Snowbird and meet up halfway through the day to ski and snowboard together so everyone enjoys their time.

There are plenty of lodgings in Park City and the surrounding areas. If you are looking for cheaper lodging options, try Heber Utah, it is about 20 minutes north of Park City is a smaller town full of red brick pioneer buildings and doesn’t require you to drive through Parley’s canyon which can get quite dangerous.

Thanksgiving activities near Salt Lake City - Skiing

Brighton Ski Resort, Nov. 18

This resort was actually one of the first ski resorts in Utah, and one of the first resorts in the United States. Brighton Ski resort is located up Big Cottonwood Canyon is about 35 miles from Salt Lake City Utah.

This resort isn’t as popular with out-of-towners because there isn’t as much lodging available that is close. This is why this resort is ideal for locals and those with kids. Many local families bring their kids to this resort specifically to learn how to ski because it is less crowded, and there is ample terrain for beginners. The season pass is generally $300 cheaper than season passes closer to Park City.

Snowbird Ski Nov. 21

As I mentioned before Alta and Snowbird are very close together, and there are ample lodgings here. If you are a skier and are there for a weekend, I highly recommend getting the ‘AltaBird’ lift pass to give you a wide range of options for skiing.

They have 2,500 acres, 169 runs with a wide range of options for beginner to intermediate. If you have someone in your family that does not want to ski/snowboard there are snowshoeing options, and snowmobiling options as well.

Solitude Mountain Resort, Dec 1st

This resort has 1200 acres of runs available, with many of them being geared towards intermediate to more experienced. Only 6% of the runs are geared towards beginner skiers. This resort is not close to Park City, so is less crowded and a local favorite. There are snowshoeing options available as well as a spa to make it a romantic Thanksgiving getaway.

Thanksgiving Activities near Salt Lake City: Be A Kid Again and Go Sledding

I remember going out and sledding at midnight with my siblings, and church friends as a kid. We would sneak out and laugh and laugh about trying to get up the frozen hills, then stop at a 7-11 for some cheap hot chocolate on the way home. There are a lot of kids in Utah, and so sledding is a big deal here (in addition to skiing). Here are a few local favorites, but keep in mind that these spots will get crowded on Saturday, and days that it snows. I would suggest going on a weekday, or on a Sunday to avoid some of the crowds.

Sugar House Park

This is a great area for sledding as it is just across the street from a lot of small eateries, is well maintained, the hill is steep and wide and there are plenty of parents and kids to help monitor and keep your kids safe. The hill is shorter, so not as tiring for the smaller kids.

Thanksgiving activities near Salt Lake City - Sledding

Mueller Park

This will be a lot less crowded, the hills are longer and a little steeper. It is also a great place for snowshoeing, and other winter activities. I personally like to find a trail that has a high grade of steepness, then bring a sled that you can control the direction really well. Snowshoe up the trail, then sled your way back down – it is really really fun.

Soldier Hollow

This is the PERFECT sledding adventure because they have sledding assisted tow rope, where a rope helps you get back up the hill to do more sledding. No more sliding back down the hill with every step. Tubing admission ranges anywhere from $13 to $27 depending on age and how long you decide to use the hill.  The hill is open typically open from Dec to March (conditions permitting). Tubing sessions are two hours long and start on the even hour (i.e. 10-noon, noon-2, 2-4, etc.) I suggest buying your tickets online in advance to avoid the long lines. 

Gorgoza Park

This sledding heaven is right near Park City, with 7 lanes for tubes available. Once you reach the bottom of the hill, you can jump back on the lift to get back up the hill. Rates for the tubing ranges anywhere from $7 to $46 depending on age and the number of hours purchased. Fort Frosty costs $10 per ticket or free if you purchase a 2 or 4-hour tubing ticket. For $12 you also get 10 laps on the mini snowmobiles.

If the kids get a little too cold or a storm blows in, they also have a 52,000 sqft indoor facility full of trampolines, foam pits, a lounge, coffee shop, cafeteria, equipment rentals, and Utah’s only indoor concrete skatepark.

Mountain Dell Golf Course at Parley’s Canyon

This sledding haven, on a good snow day, is usually jam-packed, but free (though parking is always difficult). It has a few really long runs too; fun to go down, long to hike back up. It is right next to a large golf-course so the views are really stunning and about 16 miles East of Salt Lake City.

Flat Iron Park

This sledding nook has steep hills with some jumps built-in, for the more adventurous teenagers. To help with safety there are Hay bails that have been put into place to help you stop at the bottom of the hill. I thought this was a really nice touch, because of how many sledding accidents I hear about in Utah.

Service With A Smile

If you want your Thanksgiving activities to have a little more meaning, then do a little service for those around. Make your Black Friday a ‘White Friday’ by providing service to those around you. (Let’s coin the hashtag #WhiteFriday – to fight the materialistic Black Friday and overspending).

The Road Home

Bring your family/friends to volunteer and help distribute meals to families and other individuals experiencing homelessness in Utah at the Road Home. You can put together sack lunches, make dinner and bring it to share with another family, or put together a turkey dinner box to give to the shelter for the families there. With rising costs of rent in the Salt Lake City area, as well as an opioid epidemic — there is an increasing issue with homelessness in the Downtown area for individuals and families across the spectrum.

Thanksgiving activities near Salt Lake City - Serving the Homeless

Catholic Community Services (St. Vincent de Paul Dining Hall)

Contact the volunteer coordinator and bring the whole family to help serve others as a way to give back for all you have been given. Even if it is just sitting and listening, and connecting to another human being. This truly is a month we need to focus on giving, not getting the best deal on Black Friday.

Utah Food Bank

Utah is a service-oriented state, and volunteering at the food bank is quite popular – but because it is so organized it makes it a really enjoyable experience for everyone. Make sure you contact them beforehand to schedule a time to volunteer because they do not take ‘walk-in’ volunteers.

Other Events

Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 23: Feast With The Beasts at Hogle Zoo

If you need an activity for the kids while the Turkey is roasting, take a quick trip to Hogle Zoo. You can see the animals playing with Pumpkins, or Turkey shaped pinatas. The open their doors, especially for this event on Thanksgiving Day from 10, am to 1 pm.

Thanksgiving activities near Salt Lake City - Where to eat Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 23: Lindon Community Thanksgiving Dinner

For all the college kids that aren’t able to make it home and/or don’t have a place to go for Thanksgiving – head over to Lindon’s annual community dinner. This takes place at the Lindon City Community Center, 25 N. Main St., from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The event is free, but people can donate food, time or money to help out. I would call 801-785-5043 for more information and see how you can help. Who knows maybe you can meet some people who will become a pseudo-family for you until you can get home.

Where to Eat A Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner Near Salt Lake City

Those who don’t have the energy or time to deal with dishes, can’t get back to their family or don’t have a family to be with here are some places I suggest you go to eat a delicious Thanksgiving meal that will be hassle-free.

Buca Di Beppo

This is traditionally an Italian restaurant, but the chefs at Buca di Beppo will open at 11 a.m. on Thanksgiving. They will serve a traditional Thanksgiving dinner family-style, or you can order directly off the Italian Menu.

Homestead Resort – Midway

Homestead Resort in Heber serves a grand buffet on Thanksgiving including roast turkey and prime rib, plus salads, sides, bread and cheese boards, shellfish, and desserts. This place really is the full package for a Thanksgiving getaway including cross-country skiing, sleigh rides, ice skating, downhill ski packages, a spa, hot springs, and other activities. The buffet is a little pricey, but well worth it for the amount of food and variety available. For adults, it typically runs $49.95 and $32.95 for children.

Thanksgiving activities near Salt Lake City

Log Haven

Log Haven restaurant in Millcreek Canyon is a smaller and more intimate venue for Thanksgiving Day. They offer a four-course prix-fixe luncheon from 1 to 5:30 p.m. The menu offers unique ricotta and butternut squash pancetta, potato leek soup, wild mushroom ragu with Parmesan grits, baby winter greens, juniper-brined turkey, grilled king salmon, pan-roasted filet, or butternut squash risotto, and dessert of creme brulee, pumpkin cheesecake, or pumpkin pie. The cozy settings allow for a more refined approach to a Thanksgiving Dinner, and costs run $54.95 for adults and $29.95 for children.

Hub and Spoke Diner

If you have a large family or are trying to be a little more frugal then head to Hub & Spoke Diner. Their Thanksgiving Dinner is served 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The menu is a la carte so you can pick and choose your perfect Thanksgiving plate. Prices for items typically range from $4 to $17.

Cafe Niche

Caffe Niche specializes in local ingredients, and the restaurant is offering a special prix fixe menu from 1-7 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day. There is a flat rate of $40 per person and includes three courses. The menu features fall salad, a classic turkey dinner, and other choices. For dessert, you will be deliciously delighted with homemade Ding Dongs.

Grand America or Little America

Thanksgiving at The Grand America often fills up quickly but is one of the best local Thanksgiving dinners you will have. If you can’t get into the Grand America, there is typically space available at its sister hotel The Little America. The Little America serves a buffet in the hotel’s Grand Ballroom. Prices for adults are $57 and $27 for kids.

End It With An Attitude of Gratitude

There is a culture within the United States to end Thanksgiving with the family (or friends) with brutal and frenzied shopping on Black Friday. May I humbly suggest you replace Black Friday, with a White Friday. Fill your Thanksgiving holiday with activities, service and plenty of bonding time that doesn’t involve material possessions and more quality time with those you love. Life is so short, and you never know when someone will be taken from you. Foster positive memories and activities that will help you grow as a family, as an individual and encourage those human connections this holiday season.

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Halloween Activities near Salt Lake City Utah (from a Local)

Halloween Activities near Salt Lake City Utah (from a Local)

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year, I think it is because everyone can be whatever they want. A child who dreams of being a princess, a little boy who dreams of big muscles and fighting like spider man can let their imagination run wild. So for all my fellow U-tards, here is a guide on Halloween Activities near Salt Lake City Utah.

Unique Halloween Experiences in Utah

About an hour north of Salt Lake City, there is a small town called Heber Utah – where every season their iconic train, the Heber Creeper transforms into a holiday delight.

Pumpkin Train

They start off with the Pumpkin Train, where adults, toddlers, and babies alike can dress as pumpkins. It is a 40-minute train ride costumed characters enthrall you with G-rated stories and jokes. Each passenger is given a delicious pumpkin cookie, and at the end of the trip, you get to pick out a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch for carving. They also have a family-friendly haunted train car, and if you survive the haunted car you even get a Halloween sticker.

Wizard Train

If you can’t make it on the Pumpkin Train, then I suggest the Wizard Train! Dress up as your favorite wizard, and take a 90-minute train ride through the fall colors and canyons. Each wizard will be sorted by the sorting hat, receive a delicious chocolate frog, and if you are brave enough – you get to try the Bertie Botts Every Flavor Bean. There will be costumed wizards, characters, wands, games, trivia, photos and more.

The Best Haunted Houses

If you haven’t been to Utah or lived here during Halloween – you will miss out on the incredibly spooky culture of Haunted Houses. Yes indeed, from Happy Valley Haunts, to spooktacular and incredibly terrifying hands-on haunted houses – there is something for everyone. There is even a new wave of ‘leveled hauntings’ where you can choose the level of fear you want to experience within a haunted house (for your little ones as well. Boo-fore I get ahead of myself, I will just briefly share my top 5 haunted houses for the whole family.

Castle of Chaos

Castle of Chaos is the “home of hands-on horror” and known for The Mansion, The Caverns, Nightmare in 3D, X-Scream Dungeon. There are several ticket options including General Admission, glow wand admission (that keeps the monsters away). There are four levels of scares, and the extreme haunt: X-Scream Hands-On Horror™ involves some pretty heavy hands-on actor interaction. Not only can the actors touch you, but they can pick you up, drag you off, get you wet, place things or our pets on you, restrain you, mock torture you, put you in things, and anything else that is legal and safe.  They have 5 levels of tickets that range from mild glow wand to extreme.

Haunted Forest

I remember going to the Haunted Forest as a kid and really liking it. This place has been running for more than 25 years. You wind your way through the forested areas, into and out of creepy makeshift buildings and get scared off with a grand finale. While there are mixed reviews on this haunted area, I really enjoyed it as a kid.

Nightmare on 13th

Nightmare on 13th boasts itself as one of the top haunted attractions in America. Getting through all 3 haunted houses takes you about an hour. Everyone gets a free online photo taken with one of the haunted characters, which you download from their site. You will find yourself wandering through Haunted Hollywood, Swamp Blood, and Delirium. They also have a separate extreme fright experience.

Dead City Haunted House

Dead City Haunted House is one I definitely want to check out this year, as they just made over $50,000 in animatronic updates, and now have over 50 rooms of fear. There is an option for less scary days, but there are only 4 days so be sure to check online to arrange those.

Fear Factory

The Fear Factory dates back to 1894, this former cemetery factory is a deadly paranormal hotspot. It is full of a history of twisted accidents. If some in your party aren’t partial to haunted houses, then do not fret – there are also DJ’s, bands playing, concessions and a few deadly characters outside. It takes about 45 minutes to go through Fear Factory. They have several options for extreme levels of fright depending on your ticket purchase, as long as your willing to sign the waiver. 

Corn Mazes Near Salt Lake City

Pack Farms – Farmington, UT
Darryl Pack started farming with his family in Davis County about 1950. They’ve been selling pumpkins to local grocery stores for years, but demand caused them to open their farm ten years ago so you can pick your pumpkin from the field. You can also enjoy the hay maze and scarecrow picture gallery.

Wheeler Historic Farm – Salt Lake City, UT
This agricultural living history museum and outdoor recreation are operated by Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation that was founded in 1887 by Henry Wheeler Sr. They have a pumpkin patch, corn maze, hay maze, and wagon ride. Each October they also hold a Scarecrow festival and contest.

Crazy Corn Maze – West Jordan, UT – 8 Acres
This will be the twentieth year for their maze. There is also a separate haunted trail after dark and 4-acre pumpkin patch.

Cornbelly’s – Lehi, UT – 12 Acres – 3 Mazes
Up for US Today’s Top Ten Corn Mazes. It is a perfect place for the whole family to run amuck. There are animal shows, face painting, games, rides, inflatable dinosaurs/monsters, mini hay mazes, zip lines, and plenty of places to get those enviable family fall photos. At night, there is a separate haunted maze and other haunted attractions here. It is located right behind Thanksgiving point, where you can grab some sandwiches and swing over to the Farm barn and petting zoo, or the Dinosaur Museum.

Pumpkin Patches Near Salt Lake City

Cross E Ranch – Salt Lake City Utah

This is the only interactive working cattle ranch in Salt Lake City Utah. During their Fall festival, there are plenty of animals to interact with. Their corn maze (of which there are 3 different ones) is 14 acres, with nearly 7 miles of trails weaving throughout the corn maze. They also have a 12-acre pumpkin patch, hayrides, corn pits, straw pyramid, mini straw maze, zip lines, pig races, fire pits, slides, and new this year they have an archery shooting range!

Schmidt’s Farm – West Jordan, Utah

This pumpkin patch is one of the largest with around 500 tons of pumpkins produced each year.  While it doesn’t have the family activities that Cross E Ranch has, it is a garden center that boasts some of the best pumpkins around. They also have some delicious salt and peppercorn to take home along with your pumpkins. The crazy corn maze is close by if you wanted to make it a longer activity for family and friends.

Maybe’s Pumpkin Patch – South Jordan

This is a farm with historical roots, in fact, it is named as a ‘Utah Century Farm‘ because it was founded in 1884. It is a 14-acre patch, with over 45 different pumpkins and plenty of Instagram-able backdrops, barns and photo booths to capture the moment.

Halloween Park Fun


As a World Walker, you enter into Evermore Park where it feels as if you are walking onto a movie set straight out of Europe. There are seasonal themes to the park, but during Halloween, you enter Evermore Lore. You take a quest through the fairyland where the Fae King has fallen to the darkness and you must help the other inhabitants figure out how to protect themselves and save the Fae King. The story develops and becomes a little more haunted each time you go back.

If you just want to dress up as your favorite hobbit, elf, magician or fortune teller – all fae folk are welcome. You can try your hand at chess in the Tavern where songs with local scallywags are sung. Train your elvish senses in the art of Archery or Ax throwing, learn about the birds, reptiles, and Evermore Park themed cuisine.

While there are portions of the park that are still under construction, visiting Evermore during Lore is well worth the visit.


There are over nine haunted attractions during Frightmares at the theme park in Farmington. You can ride different rides and roller coasters, along with a stroll through an old cowboy town and a haunted carriage house. Hosted by Lagoon, the staff here pull out all the tricks and treats to make the whole family enjoy their Halloween.

Boo at the Zoo – Hogle Zoo

There are various booths for kids 12 and under throughout the Boo at the Zoo where they can trick-or-treat. Even the animals get special pumpkin and Halloween treats, making the animals throughout the zoo quite active and lively in the holiday spirit. The trick-or-treating activity is free with regular Zoo admission or membership and begins at 9 am and ends at 3 pm.

Pumpkin Nights at Utah State Fair Park

Located in four major cities, this array of pumpkin art will spark the imagination and fill your SD cards with Halloween delights. There is the pumpkin dragon, pumpkin turtle, fire breathers, and the tunnel of pumpkins. There are plenty of sweet treats to fill the belly, and sights to fill the soul as well with holiday delights.

Halloween Shows and Convention

Thriller by Odessey Dance Theatre – Kingsbury Hall

Odyssey Dance Theatre will present its smash Halloween Hit Thriller in 5 locations this year.

This year’s show will have all of the favorite pieces from the past – Thriller, The Curse of the Mummy, Dem Bones, Frankenstein, Jason Jam, Salem’s Mass, The Lost Boys – plus a few new surprises. Get your tickets early because many of the shows sell out quickly! This show has been running for as long as I can remember and is truly a tradition your family can enjoy, although I wouldn’t suggest bringing kiddos younger than 8 to this show as it can get a little spooky for them.

Desert Star Theatre

This is a show for the whole family, young and old, it is quite fun and very interactive. Make it a dinner and a show, there are tables, popcorn, and food available. Shows play year-round, but they have popular Halloween characters pop in this time of year for a pumpkin smashing good time. You do have to reserve your tickets in advance.

Red Butte Garden

The Garden After Dark is a two-weekend family-friendly event with a theme and activities great for kids. This year the theme is ‘Trouble in Oz’, where kids get to follow the Yellow-Brick road around looking for the flying monkeys that the witch released. Are dazzled by light shows, explore the corn maze, and meet Dorothy, Glinda, and the Wicked Witch at the Ozdust Ballroom. This is a ticketed event that sells out quick.


Where all things ghoulish, ghostly, and downright creepy are celebrated and shared. Bring out the inner darkness, and witchy ways within with this convention of fear and fright. It isn’t just about vendors, and costumes – the convention requires each vendor to dress up, provide interaction and add to the ‘show’. There is ax throwing to get you ready for the zombie apocalypse, haunted trailers, a frightmare street, and an opening night party to start the spook season off right.  

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