image Embrace those unique opportunities, that frequently go untouched….

Did you know that you can swim with whales in Tonga? I didn’t either. Check out this website

to obtain more information on how you can participate in this unique adventure. Can you imagine swimming with something the size of a 4 story building??? It makes me wonder how their anatomy differs so much from humans, if they feel things the way I feel things. Something about connecting with nature around me makes me feel so at peace, humbled and small; even my problems seem smaller.

Never turn down an opportunity to experience opportunities that are so unique; because they are often ones that teach you the most about yourself & about life on this planet.

(Personal note: please respect all life including animal life, this is not something I am trying to commercialize but more a unique experience I wanted to share with others because I think the more we experience animal life in its natural habitat the more we gain respect for it)

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