image Want to pack lighter? 

Want to pack lighter and still have enough soap, shampoo, and body wash for those longer trips? Then follow the link below to find out how you can do this it is such a neat trick! Instead of using tin cans though we might suggest using Ziploc bags to make it even later, and to keep the paper dry. 


    • I still feel like I pack too much, but people who see me say I’m getting better than I was. I think it comes down to each trip I have taken one item out that I haven’t used on the last two trip. Slowly I’m wittling away at my lengthy packing list 🙂

    • I was the same way, but even going to Morocco this last time. I just realized that I’m a human being that will be going to visit a place that has other human beings, and since we are the same species, we all likely have the same issues that come up, so somewhere in that country is a way to fix the problem. And who knows, maybe how you fix the “eventuality” is not the best way to fix it, maybe they will be able to teach u a simpler way 🙂 Its a beautiful thing to learn from other cultures, trust me 😉 And can I just say, thank u so much for visiting my blog! I mean that with all sincerity

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