My 3 secret tips to save money for more traveling

Here are some simple tips that I used in order to save money. Now let me tell you, I am TERRIBLE at saving money. I always seemed to live on the edge no matter what I did. But then I had a friend help me set up an Excel sheet to start budgeting, and I did, I took the first step in planning my future.  Then my friend suggested that I pay for everything within my grocery and play money budget with cash, that way I would KNOW that I was staying within budget.

I am very good at paying bills but not at saving money, so this was a great idea, but then there were instances where using cash wasn’t an option, and I would end up using my card to pay for things.

Tip 1:  I adjusted my routine, I would put the total I was allowed to spend in my phone and then every time I left a store and sit in my car, I would subtract the amount I had just spent. This actually worked REALLY well, and helped me pay more attention to my spending habits. But you have to find what works for you, kind of like a diet.

Tip 2: I use Qapital, its an App on my Iphone, powered through Wells Fargo, where it has rules that are tied to your bank account. So the rules that I implemented (and it was several to choose from) were that it would round up to the nearest whole $2, and then every week would take a little more out of my bank account. I hardly even noticed it, and then checked my Qapital account after 3-4 months and had around $600!!!! I’m dead serious, it does this automatically, and I had enough to buy a ticket to Morocco for $400 when Delta was having their flash sale deal a few months ago. It is very simple to set up, as long as you have a basic knowledge of how to navigate through your Iphone, if not get a child or grandchild to help you do it. The money can be transferred from your bank to the Qapital bank, and back again within 2-3 days per transaction (think Paypal). I have been using it for over a year, and have had no issues with it since that time.

Tip 3: Use an excel spreadsheet to calculate how much you should realistically be spending each month. Don’t know how to use Excel? I can help you with that, email me at & I will send you a complimentary Excel sheet complete with equations that will automatically calculate all your expenses for you once you plug in your monthly bills; and it shows you how much you could potentially be saving each month if you stick to it, which is always a great motivation for me.

I promise that investing in traveling will be the most liberating thing you do. And working in the Medical field with patients who are unable to do so, always wish they would have done more traveling. And the ones who were courageous to travel the world, well….when times were tough they were able to tell wonderful stories and reminisce on times that once were, having fond memories of all those they met, encountered and formed bonds with on their travels.

If you would like me to send you the blueprint of the Excel spreadsheet I made, let me know and I can send it to you. Email:

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