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23 Days out from trip to Morocco……and I’m starting to panic

So if anyone knows me, they know that I am a planner….I typically have everything planned out and am prepared for anything and everything, lol. Well this trip to Morocco, I am not. Originally I had planned out the B&B’s I would stay at, and the basic sites I wanted to visit, and which cities I would likely need a guide to help me navigate the Medina corridors and winding alleyways that lead to the markets in Fez and Marrakesh. Well I have a friend of mine who got me in touch with his friend who is like a brother to him when he lived there. Well he put me in touch with him, his name is Omar, and he is going to be my tour guide in a way when I get there. Essentially pick me up in Casablanca (because its cheaper to fly there), and then travel around Morocco seeing what the Berber culture is really like. Well….lets just say I can be a bit much on the anxious side when I don’t have plans; to the point that I end up getting highly annoying. Omar and my friend have been very patient with me in this regard. When I started to talk to my friend about this trip, he told me I shouldn’t make plans, that I should just go and enjoy being there. This was like telling me to wear a bikini to the beach, something I have never done & feel SUPER awkward and feel naked even thinking about wearing one at the moment. My response to this advice was, “what do you mean don’t make plans!!”; my friend laughed and said that people in Morocco are so hospitable and kind and open that they will likely invite me to dinner about 5 different places every night, until I am begging to not eat anything else. So for the last 5 months I have been waiting, and trying my darnedest not to ask ‘so whats the plan for our trip’; one because my sweet 87 year old Grandma is so afraid of me going to this country alone, and two not having any plans is really testing my ability to remain calm the closer this gets. Thus I am turning to blogging about this instead of driving these guys batty with my incessant need to know whats going on. But seriously, wouldn’t you feel a bit nervous if the guy that is suppose to be your guide doesn’t know if he will have the full 2 weeks off or not 24 days out, and realizing in your panicked mind that you have no plan B? I will keep you posted on how this all goes, it really is a fear of mine to not have a plan, and especially when traveling abroad.

17 days out and still no word….

hmmmm……but I have less anxiety about it now than I did a few days ago. Its almost calming to just let the chips fall where they may. Good news though, I’m going to Morocco and fulfilling a life time dream 🙂

10 days out and have bad news…..

So Omar is still waiting for approval from his job for the vacation, I think we are both starting to think that the vacation will not be approved. He says not to worry, that we will plan everything out. I told him I was scared, and he said not to worry. I know Moroccan’s are very very very hospitable, but my internal anxiety is back & I am starting to plan for the worst. What is the worst? I could get to Casablanca and no one is at the airport, and I suddenly have to learn how to read Berber and Arabic or French— and find my way to Rabat where I was planning on starting this 15 day journey. I could also ask someone for directions when I get there, but what if they are a sex trafficking person & lie to me like in the movie Taken? Well I just will have to make a rule not to talk to anyone that is not in a uniform if I start to get nervous. I will have to see what time of night I will be arriving and make sure to stay in the more public areas & don’t leave the airport completely alone. Maybe I can even talk to someone on the plane and get rudimentary directions. I did look up how to take a train/bus from Casablanca to Rabat; I found this on Trip Advisor….
Moroccan train schedules can be found at (horaires). To reach Rabat from the airport, take the train from the airport (Mohd V) to Casa Voyageurs and then switch to the train to Rabat.
Ok, so I have a sort of plan. I’m sure I can find  a hotel or something & I am arriving on a weekend, so I’m sure that Omar will be able to come a get me. Just have to trust other people which is very hard for me to do at times. I have a little mantra when I start to have anxiety like this, “People in general are good –remember that, use your instincts, follow your gut & everything is going to be ok” #Ivegotthis.

So what’s Next?

I leave for my trip to Morocco on April 7th & will be tied up with several things until then (Wedding for friend, packing and getting documents and everything ready to go) — so I will let you all know when I get on the plane and how this thing all turns out once I arrive in Morocco. Lets all pray I get there safe and return safe…. I have a 8 hr layover in Paris, so I am just going to focus on that, and send out some positive vibes until I get on the plane, lol. And if something goes wrong, well I’m just gonna be able to tell a really good story in the end, so it all works out ( I hope, lol). Until April 7th adieu…..]]>