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olliebollen, SinterKlass, and Oranges in the toes of our stockings. I have been a lot of places in this world, and was able to see Scotland last year; another ancestral home. Amsterdam has been calling my name for over a year now; almost like it is beckoning me to come home. I decided to go this year for my 34th birthday, and find my way to Appledoorn, and walk the street where my Great Grandfather use to walk as a child. img_8438 I doubt that his home will still be there, and people are already teasing me about needing to do a urine test for drugs when I get back. Amsterdam is more than that though, its a calling in my blood, that says that although I’m American, I have the strength of the ancestry that comes before me. The sad part is, I don’t really know much of its history, only the history of my Grandfather and what he told me. tommy-ferraz-117431 There is a part of me that is sad about going, in a way, I think its because I haven’t connected with this part of my ancestry & carried on more of the traditions of Holland (aka the Netherlands now). I hope to give this as a gift to myself, to remind me of the strong stock that I come from. I honestly have only met 2 Dutch people in my life, so it will be interesting to see how much of me I see reflected in that culture. john-mark-kuznietsov-71774 Who are your ancestors? Where do they come from? How did they live? Who did they love? What trials within the country did your ancestors overcome? How will you carry their legacy? Will it give you strength to draw from, knowing where your people have come from, to help propel you to where you want to go? Will you find a place where you feel like YOU belong? These are questions I think are important for anyone to ask themselves. If you don’t know where your line comes from, go to & order a DNA test. It will likely knock your socks off once you see the results, but once you do…..research what makes you who you are today & then go and see where it is you and your DNA have come from.]]>