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Prices for Videography, Photography and Blog posts will be determined by the amount of detail and what you would like included in the final product.

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Here are some of my favorite blog posts regarding specific destinations & subjects:
1. The Battle of Culloden 

2. How to travel with your furry friend in Moab

3. The space between Israeli’s & Palestinians; a look at the 50th anniversary of the 6-Day War

4. Making your Disney Trip Magical: an in-depth guide to both new visitors and seasoned visitors including uncovered secrets of the Magic Kingdom

5. Hiking in Zermatt Switzerland

Hotel Reviews:

Christiana Mountain Spa and Resort in Zermatt Switzerland

Hostel Reviews:

ClinkNoord Hostel in Amsterdam Netherlands

Restaurant Reviews:

The Savory Swiss Jorg Restaurant

Video Production for Hotels and Hostel Reviews:

Christiana Mountain Spa and Resort Video

Publications and Guest Posting:

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