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Hello fellow story-teller! I would love to hear your pitch, but first...there are certain guidelines and things you should know before you can be considered. Please head over to Write for Culture Trekking and you can get all the deets on how to get published on Culture Trekking. 

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I love working with brands and destinations that reflect the Culture Trekking ideals and mission. I have put together a page dedicated just for YOU! It will show demographics, other brands I have worked with, video and article examples and so much more. Enter the Culture Trekking World for Brands

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Welcome to Culture Trekking!

My name is Janiel, I specialize in solo female travel, cultural connections, sustainable adventures, food and history to help make your travel experiences fun, meaningful, and delicious. My experience in travel, and my personal story have allowed me to get published in Fodor's TravelAtlas Advisor, and multiple Podcast interviews. You can find me on pretty much every social media channel YouTubeInstagramTwitterFacebookPinterestTikTok.  To read more about me and my story click here. If you are a brand and would like to work with me, click here