How to Cope With Loneliness While Solo Traveling

Pity parties of one are hard to get out of; so here are my tricks on how after years of traveling solo, on how I cope with loneliness while solo traveling.

Things to Look For When Renting a Car

Driving in another country can be a scary thing when you are doing it for the first time, but when you are responsible for any damage that might happen while in that country…..makes it even scarier. My first time driving internationally was when I went to Scotland on my first Solo Trip. So here are a few things to look for when renting a car either at home or abroad.

Balancing Real Life & Buisness – Get Your Cuppa Tea and Lets Get REAL

Balancing your personal life, and creating a buisness can be hard. So grab your cuppa tea, and settle in for a story where I get really REAL with you on where I came from to where I am now – and hopefully inspire you to keep going on your own journey.

Best Destinations for Solo Travelers as of 2019

Won’t I get lonely? What happens if I get lost? I can’t afford it. These are all common questions and concerns Solo Travelers have for me since I started Culture Trekking. While I could explain and argue these and many more, the bottom line is that you need to first choose a destination that fits your concerns. So here are, what I consider to be, the Best Destinations for Solo Travelers.

Swimming with Manatees in Crystal Rivers Florida

Knowing that Manatees are often killed by boats passing by, and they were slow and fat was about the extent of my knowledge about Manatees and their world. Luckily we were able to pair up with Birds Underwater for a sponsored tour and my knowledge about Manatees exponentially increased from one afternoon with them. So come take a virtual tour with me, Jen & Ed, and our other friend Katie from The Traveling Spud as we learn just how to ethically interact with Manatees.

Hazards to Choosing Cheap Flights and Airlines Hidden Fees

Buying a plane ticket is getting more complicated, and hidden fees and in-flight charges are getting steeper. Be sure to read the hazards of choosing cheap flights with a bonus resource on major airlines and their hidden fees.

Pioneer History in Nauvoo Illinois

This quaint town in the middle of Illinois is one of the best replicas of life in the 1850’s. Located on the banks of the Mississippi river, this small town has homes fully restored with volunteers that re-enact the times of Pioneers. There are pioneer crafts, games, horse-drawn wagon rides, and live entertainment.

15 Ways to Sleep Well When Traveling

Sleep can be elusive for many people throughout the world. It tends to be even more elusive when you are traveling, due to being in a new environment. Here are the top 15 ways to sleep well when traveling

Things to do in Santiago Chile |A 24-hour Whirlwind

Santiago is a vast and beautiful city full of history, natural beauty, history, art and a passion; here are a few things to do in Santiago on a budget.

36 Hours in Buenos Aires Argentina, is not enough time…

36 hours in Buenos Aires Argentina is not enough time to properly explore this colorful, vibrant, passionate city full of both dark history and healing as well. If you have limited time in this city, here is how I would humbly suggest you spend it.

Choose Your Destination Inspiration

You can either choose it from the map or from the list below. Happy Travels Culture Trekkers!!

Central America
South America
Middle East