Camera Equipment

This is all the camera equipment I use, minus the ones they don't even make anymore. It has been a long long long process to get to this point, over 10 years of collecting, trialing, and fitting in new camera equipment for my needs. 

As I grow, so does my desire to create better quality images, video and sound. So I would start with what fits in your budget, and get used to creating a story FIRST! As many photographers and videographers will tell isn't the equipment....story will always be king. Will the image you take lead your VIEWER along the path that leads them into the realm of imagination. A place where they can imagine themselves there, or ask a question like 'I wonder what their life is like' or 'It would be fascinating to meet them'. 

Cameras I Use

Lenses I Use With My Cannon

Filters I Like Using

My Tripods

Camera Stabilizers 

I have a love hate relationship with stabilizers. It takes a few minutes to get them leveled just right, and by that time you can miss 'the moment'. Soooo for videography it is an absolute must so you don't make your audience sick to their stomach watching you. I honestly don't have the upper body strength to use a Ronin, the days I do try I go home and my back and neck hurt so much I can hardly work. So I'm looking into getting a backpack or fanny pack that will help offload the weight onto my hips. That is still in the works, and I will keep you updated on that. The more you use your higher end cameras the better off post-editing wi

Sound Recording Devices I Use

Lighting for Travel and Studio

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