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This is my home country and I cannot tell you how different each region, state, city, and even neighborhood is. If you are basing your travels here from what you see in the movies, please understand it will look very different when you arrive (as is most things produced by Hollywood). 

While I have traveled to 40 of the 50 states in my life, I have yet to publish all of my favorite places and spaces within the USA - but is it coming and a definite work in progress! 

For those visiting here are few things you should understand. 

Transportation: Each state will vary on what type of transportation you will need. For example, in New York taking the subway is probably the most budget friendly way to travel. In other states like Florida or California taking an Uber or Lyft to avoid all the parking fees will be best. In Utah and the midwestern or mountainous states getting a 4x4 vehicle will be best. So just make sure you research where you want to go and what you would like to do when deciding on how you will get around once you get there. 

Money: Everything here runs off of credit cards, tap to pay, and apple pay. Any major city you go to will have a plethora of options to take your money. Just make sure you notify your bank of your travel (even if you live within the USA) to ensure your funds are available. Regularly check your bank account to ensure your card information hasn't been stolen. If you are going camping or into rural towns, make sure you have cash on hand. Many times National Parks and camping locations only accept check or cash and do not have a way of providing change. Our currency is the USD.

Health and Safety: Not every neighborhood is safe, there are streets that you should never go down in the day or at night. Be sure to ask your concierge or host the spots to avoid when visiting. Yes the USA has a lot of guns, but not everyone here goes shooting each other up every day. Occasionally we will have incidents, but it is not as common as the news portrays. Make sure you are utilizing proper tour companies, and that you do not have credit cards with raised numbers on the card. NEVER put your drink down or leave it unattended, and don't do drugs :) 

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