Packing for a Cruise

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Start with the Basic Packing list then add these items for a Cruise:

  • Fancy dress with an extra pair of shoes for the formal nights
  • Non-surge protector extension cord to share the one plug that is typically available in the room.
  • Flip flops (to walk around the ship)
  • Extra swimming suit/aloe/tanning lotion/sunscreen
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Metal Magnetic Hooks to hang wet clothing, snorkel/scuba gear etc
  • Waterproof camera
  • I also bring a pad and paper so I can keep track of events on board, where we have been and things I liked so I can document my trip when I get home — or just bring my phone and set alarms
  • Some cruise ships allow you to bring your own soda pop or alcohol, you just have to call them and see what their rules are. This is a great way to save money, as the soda on board can get quite expensive. If you are flying to a destination then going to get on the ship, find a nearby grocery store or gas station and pick up your good there before you get onto the ship.
  • Some dollar bills to tip the room’s assigned bell boy/girl
  • (Optional)
    • Decorations for the Door
    • Bring your own mud mask, have a spa in your room
    • Tweezers, scissors
    • Swim suit cover-up
    • Hat
It is better to be a little more liberal on cruise ships because they seem to be what I call ‘floating piggy banks’ — aka charge you for everything. Plus you don’t have to haul your luggage around as much if you were backpacking or going through multiple airports. If you are flying overseas, just share a taxi with your shipmates to the hotel and tip the taxi driver a little to take care of the luggage. (Some Cruise Ships have the airport transfers built in, you just need to check). I also bring an empty open mouth easy to fill by using another cup and pouring water into the water bottle. Some ships won’t allow you to directly fill your water bottle up. So I just fill their glasses of water up and put a bunch of ice to last me the day, and it saves me money and time, and intestinal issues if I was to fill my water up at the particular destination.

What would you add to this list? 

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