For my flights I have some ‘go to’ websites that I use, apps, and one website that I paid $25 for the entire year to use, and it has been totally worth it for the updates and alerts it gives me on vacations. Here are a few:

  1. Google flights: you have to play around with the dates, but this is quickly becoming one of my favorite resources, but it isn’t able to send you push notifications like JetRadar, and Kayak.
  2.  – This one has some FANTASTIC DEALS! This is another one of my new favorites that I found some great tickets to my boss and his family to Florida.
  3. – searches 1,038 different airlines, allows you to explore destinations like with google flights AND allows you to track your flights and sends you push notifications. Great deals on flights and able to save particular vacations you are wanting to watch for better deals.
  4. = this is a newer search engine that is not well known, but I have seen it mentioned on several websites now on different travel bloggers websites. Definitely going to be checking this one out as the best in the business are recommending it.
  5.  – This one has great tracking abilities, and pretty good deals as well, I check this one for comparison a lot.
  6. Hopper (this is an app on my iPhone that sends me alerts when prices on my ‘go to’ cities go up and down)
  7. Skyscanner (this is another app on my iPhone that sends me alerts on prices for my cities, and when they go up and down) — this will take a lot of the headache of searching, and lets the company do the work for you.
  8. (for those with Skymiles, this is a great way to use them)
  9. Travelpirates – (app) this is great for both flights and vacations that you can plug in the cities you want to watch and they will send you notifications
  10. TravelZoo – (app) this can give you flights, and all-inclusive deals that are promotions that certain new hotels and companies are having, including cruises.
  11. Groupon: believe it or not, this actually is legitimate with its getaways, if you are like me and like to have everything planned. I had a friend and his wife who bought a trip to Ireland with a tour and flight included, they said they had a wonderful time, and the accommodations were reasonable.
  12. ($25 a year, but totally worth it to save hundreds on vacations), this site found a flight for me from Salt Lake City Utah to Iceland for $283; WHO CAN BEAT THAT?!?!


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I spent about 6 hours for this resource, compared (in detail) with examples 32 different flight apps. I included more detail & looked at pretty much every travel site out there to put these into the BEST Flight apps out there. I also give you 9 different websites as well, if you are more inclined to daydream about traveling at work like me 😉



  1. I love a good bargain and flights can sometimes be the most expensive part! We often use Groupon for local travel because they often offer great weekend getaway deals. I need to check out some of your other suggestions too.

  2. This is great! I love traveling ans want/need more of it in my life. Cheaper flights would definitely help me out! Thanks for this list.

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