Worldwide Airport Transportation

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Transportation from Airports within the United States:

  • California. Yes, but there is a designated area where Uber/Lyft can pick up/drop off.
  • DCA (Reagan National) allows uber/lyft pickups
  • Dallas Texas: Yes, Uber and Lyft. Must go to the specific pickup area. Very confusing airport
  • Grand Junction Colorado: No uber or taxis, rent a car
  • Montana… What’s Uber? Rent a car….
  • Nevada: Yes, but must go to the second floor of the airport (follow signs)
  • Oregon – depends on where in the state. Portland has good mass transit and ridesharing but other areas may not permit ride-sharing companies or may be too remote to have them
  • New Orleans: there’s a specific pick-up point outside the arrivals area
  • Utah: Yes, but go to the designated area – there are 2 areas, so make sure to note which area you will be standing in. There are signs above those areas that you are standing in  & note the terminal you come out of.

Transportation from Airports in International locations:

  • Bogota: Uber is Available
  • Bali: Taxi’s available and will have a list of places you can visit in the Taxi, which you are allowed to rent for the whole day. A reasonable price would be around $20 USD (or 300 for them). Make sure that you aren’t getting into a shady taxi cab if you plan to use this service, it is wise to vet the taxi with the airport or the place you are staying. Be sure to commit to a price prior to getting into the vehicle.
  • China: Rent a private car with friends. Install the app Didi – This is the Chinese version of Uber, the English on the app isn’t the greatest and a little hard to understand – but you can ask the hotel clerk or someone to book the car for you.
  • Czech Republic, Prague: Do not take a taxi, they are too expensive. You can take an Uber if you like but they are also expensive. Buses are very easy to use, most people speak English and can help you and Buses are VERY cheap. The airport is about 15 minutes from downtown.
  • France, Paris: Using the train is the best and cheapest way, they do have Uber and Taxi’s but will typically cost you $50 at the very least if not more to get into downtown. If you are going downtown on a layover in Paris, take the taxi as they can get you in and out without having to worry about missing your train etc….Just my opinion from experience.
  • India: We live in India, Calcutta. Most cities in the country, including ours, is covered by Uber or our own equally efficient “Ola” radio cabs. To & fro airport or across the cities or even outstation.
    • In fact, we have excellent cab services in most cities/tourist places which are operated by serious, aspiring & reputed companies/individuals with ample safety features as well. Some are local-centric, while lots operate across states or even pan India
    • In Delhi, Uber Ola is available
    • Jakarta: When I arrived in Jakarta I was exhausted. I arranged a taxi thru an authorized taxi service located in the baggage claim area. After checking into the hotel I discovered that I had left a shoulder bag containing $3000 in Indonesian currency in the taxi. The hotel desk clerk asked if had used an “authorized” taxi and if I had a receipt. The clerk then made a phone call and within 40 minutes I had my bag and my money back, I can not stress enough the importance of using authorized taxi service to and from the airport.
    • The Kanpur city in India has Ola, but no airport. You’d need to take Lucknow to Kanpur route via road with ola
  • Kenya, Nairobi: Uber, Private Taxis, Personal Cars, and public buses are allowed at the International airports.
  • Japan, Tokyo: has an express train (the Narita Express) that leaves from Narita airport – good app to use for trains in Japan is hyperdia (also has a website – previously gave a free month upon downloading
  • Jordan, Amman: There is a government Airport Taxi that you can take, there is also buses – you can ask anyone who wears a badge how to get to the downtown area. Only ask the people who work in and for the airport with a badge to help you get into the taxi at a fair price. There are no trains here only buses. I think they have Uber and another company called Kareem (same thing as Uber). You can fly into Aqaba to get to Petra, it is a 30 minute flight. There are off road cars that you can rent to drive in the sand, and then there are also taxi’s to bring you to Jordan.
  • London: London has an express train that leaves Heathrow into the city proper – good app to use for trains is Citymapper
  • Malaysia Uses Uber and Grab.
  • Philippines, Manila. Yes, Uber/Grab can pick you at the airport.
  • Scotland, Edinburgh: You can take a taxi, and they also have Uber which is reliable. The easiest and cheapest way to get downtown is by buying a ticket at a kiosk before boarding the train. There is only one train line from the airport to downtown, but the different train lines come to that singular location. The differences in trains are based on the color of them so make sure you are getting on the right train. From the airport to downtown is about a 30-minute train ride.
  • Vietnam: and we have both Uber and Grab with the same price. Great for airport pick up and city transportation