International Packing List

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Basic Packing List then move to the rest of the International Packing list below.

Here are some additional items I make sure to have when traveling: 
  • Personal Security and Precautions for those Traveling Solo Abroad: 
    • KTN number on my plane ticket – See my TSA Precheck Post for more information on this
    • Passport – with at least 9 months left before it expires from the day you will arrive home
    • Copy of Passports/Credit Cards/ID’s/Will (if applicable)/Health Insurance cards along with your itinerary to a family member or friend of choice that you trust with all this information
    • Copy of the above in my suitcase, this is just in case you are pick-pocketed
    • Purse with a zipper on it
    • Check to see if you need a Visa to visit a certain country and if other than Europe, you may need to see if there is a travel warning to that country. Just don’t let it scare you away from visiting, if you are really worried, you can call the countries US consulate office to make sure it is safe for tourists.
  • Finances: 
    • Debit Card or Credit Card
      • Visa is typically accepted worldwide, but I would have 1/2 of your budget in local currency cash with you as there are many countries, especially those outside of Europe that do not take cards as a form of payment.
  • Toiletries
    • Pepto Bismol Tablets – you will thank me
    • Extra shampoo and conditioner
  • Clothing
    • Check humidity levels and weather 2 weeks before leaving and it will give you a better idea of the clothing you need
    • Also, check local religions and if there would be any restrictions on showing hair, shoulders, knees etc…
    • High Humidity Hot:
      • Open toe shoes
      • Cotton, loose clothing
      • Moisture-wicking clothing
      • Hat or Umbrella
      • Ice bandana
      • Avoid leather shoes as sweat can stick to leather and make you more prone to blisters
      • Baby powder
      • Make sure your sandals have thicker soles after awhile your shoes can get quite warm
    • High Humidity, Cold:
      • Windbreaker
      • Fleece Sweater with hood
      • Mittens (better for putting in hot packs/hand warmers)
      • Umbrella (for rain)
      • Closed-toe shoes, and if it is the wet season
  • Other Useful nicknacks:
    • small easily collapsable backpack to hike with if going to an outdoor destination. Most medium-sized carryons will also fit hiking poles sideways
    • notebook to write all your fun adventures and remember what you actually did
    • Power Strip
    • Country appropriate converter
    • Camera Equipment
I have further split up the International Packing Lists into:  For my favorite products I use when I travel check out: My Favorite Travel Products

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