Best Danish Pastry Shops In Copenhagen

5 Best Danish Pastry Shops In Copenhagen

Danish pastries gained wild poularity in 1915 when they were served at the wedding of Woodrow Wilson. There are a few in particular you should be familiar with before visiting like the cinnamon roll style snegl, a center filled with custard pastry called a spandauer, and a remonce (butter and sugar) filled middle with poppy seeds on the top called tebirkes. It will be hard to narrow down which pastry you want to try first because these are just a few - but let me try to help you by at least narrowing this down to the 5 Best Danish Pastry Shops in Copenhagen Denmark. 

Best Danish Pastry Shops In Copenhagen

Anderson & Milliard 

Opens at 8 am

Address: Nørrebrogade 62, 2200 København N, Denmark

This bakery is quite popular for not just locals, but tourists as well. It is a bit outside of town, but we stopped by on our way to tour Fredricksborg Castle and Carlsberg Brewery. They have sweet and savory options here with non-dairy options for your coffess and latte's. They have a delicate craftmanship to their pastries that will delight the palate. 

My friend got a hot chocolate and was mmmm-ing and aaaah-ing about her hot chocolate and spandauer. My oatmilk Latte was deliciously warm and potent, and I had the cube pistachio pastry which was mouthwatering. If you are in the area, it is definitely worth a stop - but I wouldn't say it was one I would go out of my way to visit unless you are trying to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Best Danish Pastry Shops In Copenhagen

St Pedar's Bakery

Opens at 8 am 

Address: Sankt Peders Stræde 29, 1453 København K, Denmark

Just a short walk from our house boat we rented in the center of the city is St Pedar's Bakery. It was a close call between this bakery and La Glace as my favorite - but will tell you which one 'won' down below. St Pedar's is quite popular with tourists and had a line about 20 people deep when we got there around 9:30am. The cafe itself was quite small, and the door narrow, so it was a little claustrophobic trying to get in and out. Once we did get our pastries, there are a few tables outside the bakery that were quite comfortable to sit at. 

This is where I tried the snegl and it was TO DIE FOR! It was a thicker, moist pastry with gooey cinnamon and just enough icing to not overpower the entire pastry. The Pistachio pastry was also filled with a cherry jelly and I nearly lost my mind with that flavor combination - for the record, I HATE cherry in things but LOVED this combo. I would stop here again if I was in Copenhagen for sure. 

Best Danish Pastry Shops In Copenhagen

Hart Bageri

Opens 8 am 

Address: Gl. Kongevej 109, 1850 Frederiksberg C, Denmark

If you are a bread connisor then this is the place for you, it is located on the same area that Christiania and NOMA is located. The head baker here used to be the head baker at San Francisco's Tartine. There are both sweet and savory things to buy here, we ended up getting some breakfast pastries and a sandwich and drinks for our day trip to Sweden. 

The pastries were decent, but the sandwiches here were probably the highlight for me - but everything tastes more delicious when you are famished, lol. 

There are two Hart Bakeries, one in ‘Gammel kongevej’ while the newer Hart Bakery is in Mærsehuset on Holmen. Albiet a new opening, the building is about 200 years old and is part of Copenhagen's cultural heritage. 

Best Danish Pastry Shops In Copenhagen

La Glace Cafe

Opens at 9 am 

Address: Skoubogade 3, 1158 København, Denmark

Put on your cute dress for this one, it looks like a quaint Parisian cafe with the most incredible pastries. Walking in is like walking into a 1850's cafe complete with gold embellished plates, real chocolate with the hot chocolate, heavy sweet cream for your latte, and delicatly decorated pastries that look like something out of a master class in baking. La Glace Cafe is one NOT to miss if you want to try the true artistry of the Danish pastry master. 

La Glace prides itself on preserving traditional Danish baking techniques and providing a modern twist. Each of the pastries has a story of history and innovation to tell, and the tastebuds are the one reading that story with each bite. 

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Best Danish Pastry Shops In Copenhagen

Lillie Bakery

Opens 8 am 

Address: Refshalevej 213B, 1432 København, Denmark

This bakery is a bit far out of the center of Copenhagen, so I wasn't able to personally visit but was recommended to me by a local so wanted to include it here in case your accommodation was nearby. It has a small cozy atmosphere with traditional techniques in how they cook their pastries. 

The bakery is near NOMA and Christiana as well but if you are headed out to Reffen (a great food market) or Torvehallerne market it is a good spot for breakfast. 

Best Danish Pastry Shops In Copenhagen

Which Danish Pastry Shop IN Copenhagen Was My Favorite? 

La Glace Cafe was by far my favorite by both me and my friend that I was traveling with. We bought several different pastries to try, they had all the traditional ones along with the creative ones. Having hot chocolate with REAL chocolate, and real home made whipped cream were incredible. After trying so many Danish pastries, I wouldn't quite say I'm a connoisseur, but I certainly have been 'ruined' from eating any of the pastries in the USA I happen to try. If you have any pastry shops you would add to the best pastry shops in Copenhagen Denmark - please leave them in the comments below. 

Never stop exploring and have an amazing adventure. 

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