Best Places To Eat In Copenhagen - at  NOMA

Best Places To Eat In Copenhagen

Known as a foodie haven, Copenhagen is a Michelin Star mecca with anything from street food markets to having the best restaurant in the world for multiple years in a row. Not everyone can afford Michelin Starred restaurants though. I put together this guide on the best places to eat in Copenhagen on any budget. My favorite pastry shops, night life, a dinner and theater type of dining experience, where to see the longest bar in the world, and the largest street food market in Northern Europe. 

Best Places To Eat In Copenhagen - at La Glace

La Glace Cafe

Put on your cute dress for this one, it looks like a quaint Parisian cafe with the most incredible pastries. Walking in is like walking into a 1850's café complete with gold embellished plates, real chocolate with the hot chocolate, heavy sweet cream for your latte, and delicately decorated pastries that look like something out of a master class in baking. La Glace Café is one NOT to miss if you want to try the true artistry of the Danish pastry master. 

La Glace prides itself on preserving traditional Danish baking techniques and providing a modern twist. Each of the pastries has a story of history and innovation to tell, and the  taste buds are the one reading that story with each bite. 

St Peders Bageri Pastries

St Peders Bakery

It was a close call between this bakery and La Glace as my favorite. St Pedar's is quite popular with tourists and had a line about 20 people deep when we got there around 9:30am. The café itself was quite small, and the door narrow, so it was a little claustrophobic trying to get in and out. Once we did get our pastries, there are a few tables outside the bakery that were quite comfortable to sit at. 

This is where I tried the Snegl and it was TO DIE FOR! It was a thicker, moist pastry with gooey cinnamon and just enough icing to not overpower the entire pastry. The Pistachio pastry was also filled with a cherry jelly and I nearly lost my mind with that flavor combination - for the record, I HATE cherry in things but LOVED this combo. I would stop here again if I was in Copenhagen for sure. 

 Best Places To Eat In Copenhagen - Gasoline Grill Burger

Gasoline Grill

A popular Burger joint in Copenhagen (surprisingly burgers are very popular in Denmark), made by Klaus Wittrup. The original location was at an old gas station, with a walk up ordering window and plenty of seating, the line is always moderately long - but they are quite efficient at moving people through. 

The ingredients are unique with truffle fries and elderflower lemonade, organic meats, and high quality burgers with Vegetarian options as well. The taste is genuinely phenomenal, way better than In n' Out in the States tbh - the Elderflower Lemonade was otherworldly and I still salivate thinking about it. 

Best Places To Eat In Copenhagen  at Popl

Popl Burger

Another fancy burger place, which I didn't get a chance to eat at, but our 'Politically Incorrect Tours', tour guide recommended as it was started by a former NOMA employee. For those who don't know, NOMA is basically the best restaurant in the world and a major reason Denmark has the highest per capita Michelin Star restaurants in the world - because anyone who works there then starts their own gig gets awards. 

It is located next to Christiana (the free city in Denmark) and the word Popl comes from a Latin word meaning people. 

Best Places To Eat In Copenhagen


Address: Frederiksborggade 21, 1360 København K

This food market will accost the senses with mouthwatering delights and variety. Our guide also recommended this food market for the variety (but Reffen for the experience). There are vegetable stands, flower shops, vegan cream puffs, sourdough pastries, UNIKA cheeses, baking tools, Spanish tapas, Oysters, sandwiches, soups, Jian Bing Crepes and a huge emphasis on sustainability and organic produce from locals. 

If you are on a budget, or just want to save some money by eating at your accommodation - this is a great place to get local produce. Torvehallen is right next to Nørreport St, which is a 20 minute walk from Copenhagen Central Station. 

Reffen Entrance

Reffen Street Food

Address: Refshalevej 167, 1432 København, Denmark

Located right on the waterfront, Reffen is the food market you visit for the street food ultimate experience. The vendors here are passionate artisans food that combine cultures with an entertaining experience. This is the largest Northern Europe street food market

If you are looking for where locals hang, and want to get inspired with the newest chefs in the street food mecca of Copenhagen then this is your spot. 

Here you will find Afghan, Senegalese, Gambian, Malaysian, Thai, Nepalese, swiss cheeses, savory and sweet French Crepes, Argentinian BBQ, British style fish and chips, Belgian sweets on a stick, Kurdish BBQ, Kaburi Sushi, Iranian dishes, Mexican, Moroccan, and New Nordic Cuisine - the list could go on and on and on, but no matter where you are from, you will likely find some sort of home treats with a twist here. 

Best Places To Eat In Copenhagen

Jerbanecafeen (iconic Bar)

This 4th generation owned bar in the Vestebro neighborhood is a great place to stop to meet locals and try some of the local flavors of beer. The prices can be a bit on the steep side for a dive bar, but it is right across from the main train station and an assault of visual stimuli.

Flags, small globes, red carpeting & cushions, the patron area is dedicated to trains, and the bar is ceiling to floor beverage options. It is hard to know exactly where to look, but certainly pulls off the cozy and inviting vibe that is not one to miss. 

Best Places To Eat In Copenhagen Pizza

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Another classic travel food is the pizza, while Italy (in my opinon) has some of the best pizza - Surt makes sourdough pizzas which are so delicious! I have become a sourdough making fiend in the last few months, so anything made from sourdough I have MAD respect for. Sourdough is also better for you, because of the fermentation process (good for gut health) as well as the lack of sugar needed for other pizza doughs. 

The pizzas are thin crust and crispy with fresh locally sourced herbs and aromatic flavors and sicilian Siccagno tomatoes that give that extra special tasty touch. 

Best Places To Eat In Copenhagen at NOMA


Eating here is about experiencing the cooking dance of one of the most world renowned chefs in the world, Rene Redzepi. The name NOMA could be translated into 'Mad Food' - which honestly it kinda is, lol. Yes, I hate to admit that I paid a ridiculous $800 to eat here, only to later find out that you HAD to pair it with either the juice menu or wine menu for another $250, then the 20% tip on top of that.... I don't even want to put the total down, because it just makes me agitated....

Please note that NOMA has 'Seasons' and frequently closes so that the staff can travel the world, get more inspiration, and bring it back (when they are ready) to Copenhagen. They often frequent Kyoto, Mexico and other locations and yes, they bring the whole gang - chefs, waiters, dishwashers and the lot. 

You walk into this place and the entire kitchen stops to warmly greet you as you walk through the themed restaurant geared around the season. I visited during the Vegetable season (the fall), there is also Seafood, Wild Game, and several others. They have been known to serve frozen bees, flowers, deer penis, foam with live ants, and other wild and crazy items. You need to go in with an open mind, and realize that in many parts of the world what is served might be considered normal. 

I would look closely and ask a lot of questions if you aren't the adventurous type....I did not and have some weird food allergies. My least favorite vegetables are mushrooms and eggplant --- and guess what -- the entire menu when I visited was geared around this. I couldn't handle the texture of the mushroom on one of the dishes they brought out, so they brought out eggplant with some interesting BBQ techniques. I tried.....I really did....but now I know - that even the best chef in the world could not get me to like these vegetables. 

I will give them props for the creativity though, the aromas were unreal, the presentation impeccable. The flowers they served were so delicious, the pea dish, quail egg, and the sweet fruit at the end were really really good. They source the food from their garden and green houses and make every effort to serve you the veggies straight off the vine. Some of the veggies come out warm from the sun. For my friends who like vegetables (they are legit vegetarians) they really enjoyed the dishes. 

All in all, there are 20 courses, and you do leave feeling satisfied and full. Those with bad backs in hard chairs, I would bring a blanket or something to sit on because you are there for awhile.... think 4 hours in a hard European chair. 

I wouldn't say it was a bad experience, I am grateful I went and was very impressed from beginning to end and there were about 2/3 of the dishes I genuinely enjoyed and was very very impressed by. I think the fault was with me, in that I didn't ask about what the dishes would be centered around - and should have listed veggies I don’t like on the reservation. I figured there would be more variety with the vegetables, but alas for me, the veggies I actually like weren't in season - and every great chef tries to use what is in season. 

If you want a special experience at an unforgettable price, then NOMA is one you should put on your list. You need to make reservations months and months in advance, and it requires that 4 people make the reservation with the cost of the meal given up front. The cost of the wine and tip can be paid later.

The Alchemist

Alchemist (Michelin/best restaurant)

The Alchemist is the next up and coming restaurant to win multiple awards for 'best restaurant' - currently sitting at two Michelin stars, it is a culinary theatre with unique lighting, and a story to accompany each dish. 

Here you can expect rare seafood, beeswax-aged pigeon, cod with edible ‘plastic’ - you will definitely have a statement dish or two in your visit here. Expect the price to be about that of NOMA, as the chef here (surprise surprise) also used to work at NOMA. 

While I didn't get to eat here, I do like the idea of having a dinner and a show. Here is to saving up for another ungodly costing meal. Yes I know, the money could be used in so many other ways and probably for better causes, but hey - YOLO and I work my ass off to have weird and unique experiences that allow me to tell tall tales to unsuspecting victims who ask about 'any fun plans this summer'. 

Best Places To Eat In Copenhagen

Hviids Vinstue The 300 Year Old Bar

Hviids is one of the oldest bars in Copenhagen, and has been in the same place for the last 300 years! They do have sandwiches, and this old rustic tavern feel that serves cold beers (nothing super fancy or craft though - mainly Carlsberg and Tuborg). If you visit, please note they don't really serve hot food, but prices are decent for Copenhagen food prices. 

Pro-tip, they are famous for their Glögg - a famous Nordic drink often consumed during Christmas time. You can find it here anytime after November 11th. While it can be expensive, it is probably one of the best drinks they serve. 

Vesterbro Neighborhood

Night Life in Vesterbro, Nørrebro and Østerbro

If you really want to let loose and have a fun night life experience then I would find accommodation in the Vesterbro, Nørrebro and Østerbro neighborhoods. You can basically walk up and down the streets here and try all different kinds of beers, wines, cocktails with different themes. 

Don't forget the Nyhavn also has the longest bar in the world. If you want a really wild time though, go to Aalborg - it is considered the number 1 party street in Denmark. Locally they call it “Jomfru Ane Gade” if you are looking for it in Google. 

While I'm not a night life sort of gal (when you travel solo, it can be a bit risky to go party alone) - these areas are what were recommended to me.

Best Places To Eat In Copenhagen

Where Were My Favorite Places To Eat? 

Copenhagen is not the cheapest place to visit, so I hope this guide has been helpful in knowing where to save money and where to spend the money on unique experiences. The only thing I would have done differently if I was to visit Copenhagen again, would be to visit the food markets, and visit NOMA during a different season. This is me personally, because I just didn't enjoy the season they presented when I went there. If I ever have a disposable >$1000 to spend (feels heart attack pain starting) then I would definitely visit again during a time more suited to my tastebuds and preferences. 

Let me know if you would add any places to eat in the comments below so we can help each other out in having the best (and most affordable) dining experience in this foodie town. 

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