image 5 Classic dishes to try in Scotland

Scotland has not really been known throughout the years for its fine dining and exquisite cuisine. It’s just within the last 10-15 years that the foodie realm in Scotland is starting to come into its own. Here are some of the top 5 Classic Dishes to try in Scotland:

The Classic Dishes to try in Scotland

  1. Minced Beef Pie – this is a hearty meal full of minced beef and strong spices, and it is typically paired with Scotland’s finest whiskey. Classic Dishes to try in Scotland
  2. Chicken Stuffed Haggis– haggis is made from sheep’s ‘pluck’ (heart/liver/lungs), and typically stuffed inside the stomach lining along with oatmeal, suet, spices and salt mixed with stalk. I couldn’t quite bring myself to eat it inside of a stomach lining, but found it quite delicious and savory, with a hint of nut stuffed inside the chicken. Now that the foodie realm in Scotland is improving, they pair it with a sweet whiskey jam-like sauce that creates this delightfully sweet and savory combo. It nearly had me licking my plate at the end. I know to most people it sounds disgusting, but in Scotland the winter weather is so harsh and the walking is moderately strenuous. The locals needed nourishment like this to keep up the energy to complete their daily chores. If you think about this historically, the Scottish don’t have the long summers and tepid temperatures needed to grow grain like their southern counterparts, yet they needed adequate fuel to keep them warm and continue to trek from clan to clan and city to city in the harsh winters and cold rains. This was an excellent way to have something both delicious, practical, and nourishing. Balmoral-Chicken - Classic Dishes to try in Scotland
  3. Clam Chowder: with clams caught directly from the sea, boiled in white wine cream sauce then added in with a traditional clam chowder base, it is one of the best things there. I really like to eat something warm at pretty much every meal in Scotland because even though the summers are warmer than you would think, the nights get cold quite quickly. Soup is the best way to warm yourself up, especially if the restaurant has a warm, glowing fire to pair it with. clam chowder - Classic Dishes to try in Scotland
  4. Hotch-Potch: I never was able to try this dish during my trip, but the Scottish Locals told me I had to come back and try REAL Hotch-Potch (oh darn, guess I will have to go back:)

scottish hotch potch

5. Bannocks and Parritch – It’s actually much better than it looks. It fills you up, keeps the bowels regular thanks to all the fiber included, and gives you the bannocks at the end to slather with yummy, sweet Jam. I was told that if you go to Scotland and don’t at least have this for one breakfast meal, then you didn’t really visit Scotland.

bannocks and parritch -Classic Dishes to try in Scotland

–>Please know that I am not a great cook myself, and thus am not picky when it comes to trying new dishes, as long as they don’t contain bell peppers, mushrooms, or any part of the animal head or genitals. I will pretty much try everything else. I also hate spicy foods due to heartburn flares. So, as a person with Scottish Heritage, and after talking with the locals, these are the dishes that were recommended to me while I was there. Happy Travels, Happy Tummy, Happy Tales <–

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    • it depends on where you will be going and what you like to see? I am not one for big fancy buildings and high rise stuff; but I do love the older buildings with loads of history so I started in Edinburgh. I rented a car from the airport, and then drove up to Inverness to see the battle of Culloden (where the last Scottish rebellion happened and ended up killing thousands of Scotsmen) that was really sobering and I cried a little there for my ancestors and their struggles. Then I continued onward to the Isle of Skye and Portee, there is a fantastic road there that takes you all around the Isle with loads of hiking to do and things to see — but you have to like nature 🙂

  1. Very nice! Your blog is pretty awesome. I love the amazing pictures and settled on commenting on this food post because food is probably the most awesome of awesome things. Sadly, all I know of Scotland is from the movie Braveheart, but I’d like to visit one day! Thanks for sharing!

    • Ah THANK YOU! All the hard work of revamping the website to make it more user friendly has been worth it, just for this comment!! You MADE MY DAY!! 🎉🎉

    • I thought it would be terrible, but it really wasn’t – I still haven’t officially visited England but it’s on my list for sure! You are quickly becoming a favorite of mine ya know 😉

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