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It is always difficult for me to know what to get for guys who like to go out an adventure, camp, hike, or love taking photographs/video. So I asked a bunch of my guy friends, who like to do these things what THEY would want this year for Christmas, and this is what they suggested. So here is my gift guide for him, the adventurer. 

For the Camping Man

Utah Road & Recreation Atlas

Utah is well established as a recreation playground, from world-class skiing in the north to 5 amazing national parks in the south. This Road & Recreation Atlas has hundreds of recreation sites, fishing spots, and hunting areas as well as a myriad of parks, natural wonders, and historic sites dotted across the state. Our Landscape Maps show all drive-able Utah roads, classed by surface and purpose, and hundreds of campgrounds and recreation access points. 

So while it may seem a bit old school to get a map like this, I'm telling you it will be the most useful thing to purchase to really get off the beaten path.

Energizer VISION LED Headlamp Flashlight

Headlamps are a MUST have for any traveler and adventuring man. This particular headlamp has six different mods, and is rechargeable with a USB port. Why are the different modes important? Because it allows you have a red light for shooting galaxy photos, is not as hard on the eyes at night, and allows you to stealthily get up in the middle of the night to pee without waking up the whole tent. 

The light headlamp itself can provide up to four hours of light in the high mode, and is 15x brighter than standard LED lights. Is a great headlamp for those epic night photos with the headlamp pointed up towards the galaxy. 

This headlamp resists splashing water (IPX4) and damage from drops up to 1 meter for reliable performance. Great for hurricane supplies, camping accessories, survival kits.

Stanley Adventure All-in-One Camping French Press

This French Press is not just a French Press but also boils, and cooks. The multifunctional design makes for the perfect camping and backpacking companion. It is also dishwasher safe, so when you get back home it is easy to sanitize. 

For the real camping man I think this is the perfect design to cook up some dehydrated soup, boil the water to pair with the Mountain Meals from REI (my favorite for backpacking). It is better than the regular mess kit you can find on Amazon because it has a deeper cup. I swear the regular mess kits they make are for children to boil water. 

Wise Owl Hammock

If you have watched any of my Youtube Videos on Camping, you will have seen this Hammock when I went to Fishlake National Forest. I never go anywhere without my Hammock. It provides a place to lay down that allows you to experience the rustling of the trees, throw up a place to lay down even on a steep hill. It can also save you in a rain storm if you bring along a tarp to throw over it (a perfect place to sleep when your in a downpour). 

This particular hammock is made of heavy duty 210T parachute nylon, it is sooooo soooo soft, and really strong. You can fit at least two people in it as well because of how wide it is. It does come with Nylon straps, but they can be a bit short in some cases, so I would buy some that are a bit longer if he goes camping frequently. 

Kershaw Link Pocket Knives

You can never go wrong with a knife this one is sharp and reliable 420HC stainless steel blade with stonewashed, BlackWash finish. It was recommended to me by someone in the armed forces (and we all know how they geek out over their gear).

So I'm telling you, a knife like this will be good for cooking, fishing, or any other camping need. Instead of having to pack scissors, you can use bring this, attach a carabiner to it and slap it on your belt strap (or in my case my bra strap, lol). 

It allows left or right-handed user-adjustable blade tip position or side of carry so no need to worry if you are getting the right one. 

Genuine US Military All Weather Poncho Liner Blanket

More often than not it is called a 'woobie' by military men because of all the uses you can use this for. You can use it as a blanket, clothing, tent divider, a hammock liner for warmth, or a warm place for your dog to lay in the tent so they aren't laying right on top of you or between your legs to get warm. 

GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Portable Folding Rocking Chair

This camping chair has been on my own personal wish list for awhile! It is the first time I have have ever seen or sat in a rocking camping chair and it is my absolute favorite! While some may not love the rocking portion of this, if they love to frequently move then they will love this. 

It has a rocking shock that is pending a patent right now, so jump on it before it gets crazy expensive. This chair is made of sturdy powder-coated steel, and a built-in drink holder. Now if they could just extend the back on this and allow it to recline (for stargazing nights) then it would be the absolute PERFECT camping chair! 

Jackery Portable Power Station Lithium Battery

The Jackery company (based out of California) is commonly known as the 'go to' portable battery for van-lifers. Why? It is affordable, reliable and compatible with most solar panels out there. If you are really wanting to splurge (I'm talking >$1000) then you can go with something like the Bluetti 2000 for your portable battery, but for frugal folks - go with the Jackery. 

It is a 240-watt hour (16.8Ah, 14.4V) Lithium-ion battery pack, no fuel or gasoline needed. It has 1 AC outlet (110V, 200W, 400W), 2 USB-A ports and 1 DC car port. 

I can also plug in a low voltage heating pad and put it on low for an entire night to help keep me warm and it will power that sucker all night long. I really love this line of batteries and never seem to travel without it anymore. 

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For The Hiking Man

TETON Sports Oasis 1100 Hydration Pack

This is a perfect overnighter hiking bag (18 L) where you can stuff your hammock in it, fill the water and go on a loooooong hike. I like this one because it allows for quite a bit of water, has a kink free tube, and a push lock that prevents the water from leaking all over your shirt. It also has a wind opening to fill the water bladder and dump some ice in it. 

The only thing I would change is to make the water line insulated. This is easy to do yourself with some glue and wetsuit like fabric around it. When you insulate it, it prevents the water from freezing (if you are out snowshoeing) and/or from getting that disgusting warm gulp of water on a hot hiking day. 

My Medic Range First Aid Kit

My Medic is a company started by a Paramedic that was tired of the sub-par first aid kits out there. So he put together a range of First Aid Kits that are perfect for any adventurer. The My Medic Range has a variety of both basic and advanced first aid items. I would never leave without bandaids, tourniquette, quick clot, gloves, scissors, and all the other tidbits contained in this portable First Aid Kit. There is a basic version, and an advanced version - I recommend getting the advanced. 

Make sure to check out my Introduction to Wilderness Medicine where I go over all the unique and different ways you can help yourself and those around you should the need arise. 

TOZO TWS Bluetooth Waterproof Wireless Headphones

These headphones are an affordable option for waterproof headphones to take anywhere with you. It could be tubing down a river, swimming in the pool at the gym, or for fishing. No use taking your apple ipods with you that can easily sink and get destroyed in the river. They have an excellent bass to really get you 

Gerber MP600 Sight Tool Multi-Plier, Black 

This tool is perfect for the man who loves to fish, camp, and likes to be self-sufficient. There are twelve different tools with this one tool, that is easily opened with one hand. It is a solid-stainless steel construction so the tools won't become stripped down with multiple uses. 

Collapsible Awning

I really want to get one of these for my own car. They have some electric ones that can attach to the side of a Subaru Forester or a roof rack. This awning will help if you are doing some car camping and it starts to rain, or you need some extra shade. 

This one is universal for most SUV or hatchback vehicles though, and it is quite a bit cheaper than an electrical one but does the same job. 

Dometic Cooler

This cooler is the cooler of all coolers! If you are tired of trading out your ice, soggy food, and want something a bit more sustainable that can run off your car - then look no further! This has been in my Amazon cart for AGES! I'm hoping I can get it this year, but I'm telling y'all, if you get this for your man - he is gonna flip his lid that he can have both a fridge and a freezer while he goes camping. Ever have an ice cream bar while camping? WELL NOW YOU CAN! 

For the Gym Man

Merrell Men's Vapor Glove 3 Trail Runner

These are the perfect mesh trail running shoes for the gym or the trails. They have a zero drop construction, so you get that barefoot feeling while working out (good for when weight lifting). The Vibram soles make it so that your shoes have great traction and they won't wear out quickly like most shoes. All in all you can never really go wrong with a Merrell. 

Body Glide Original Anti-Chafe Balm

This has always been a lifesaver for me, and would be a great stocking stuffer for any man. It is a life saver for when they start to chaf in the undercarriage (aka groin and balls). They might deny it, but I'm telling you, they will secretly thank you for putting this in their stocking. 

It is made from allergen free, plant-derived ingredients. It doesn't drip, get messy and is easily washed off with soap and water. 

Triathletes use this ALL THE TIME, and is also great for applying to the sleeves and shoulders of wetsuit. 

Prolific Preworkout

This is the most LEGIT pre-workout I have ever had. It provides increased bloodflow without the jitters, hits like the first time every time, and provides this mind-muscle connection that really puts you into a hyperfocus with your workout. 

Not feeling super motivated for the gym? This is what you need to take. They have several flavors you can choose from, but I personally like the Apple one, because it takes just like the jolly rancher. 

Gymshark Gift Card

I really like the Gymshark clothing because of how flattering it is for all body types. It hugs in all the right places (if you know what I mean), is breathable, squat proof, stretchy and truly lasts through multiple washes. 

It is a a growing, but very popular brand among gym goers, and although I'm not sponsored in any way by them - I really appreciate that they work with creators like me. So anyone that helps support entrepreneurs, I'm totally on board with. 

For the Chef

Ross Henery Professional knives

This comes with a variety of different knives, now you will know your man better than I will. A lot of Chefs are quite picky about the types of knives they get, but these have over 1,000 reviews with 4.5/5 star rating. It is also comes with a 2 year guarantee and are all dishwasher safe. They are triple hardened for even the toughest jobs and are stainless steel. 

Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge

This is a great stocking stuffer for a more classic and classy way for your man to enjoy their Whiskey or other adult beverage of choice that doesn't water it down. 

Smirly Cheese Board and Knife Set

This has 5 serving sections that can be filled with fruit, bread, nuts, and other savory foods, the matching bamboo snack board. It will complement your cheese board perfectly! Any Chef knows that the taste of the food has to be on point, but you first feast with your eyes before you feast with your tastebuds. 

I really like that this one is collapsible so it is easily stored. It comes with 4 stainless steel knives, 2 ceramic sauce bowls, 2 white markers, 2 black slate labels, 4 small forks, 1 wine opener, and a cheeseboard guide. 

Electric Wine Aerator Pourer

I think any gadgets in the kitchen are a great gift for the men who love to cook. This wine aerator is automated and with a simple push of a button perfectly aerates then wine. All wines have tannin and when you allow air to be mixed into the wine it provides a softer more luxurious taste to it. 

You can use it with red and white wines, fresh/aged wines, whiskey, scotch, and bitter beers to enhance the flavor. It even has a 'hold' button that allows you to sober up when you need it ;)

OlarHike BBQ Grill Accessories Set

These grilling tools are a bit longer than the typical grilling set at 16 inches so it will help your man not burn their hands. They are all made of stainless steel and they don't warp, melt or splinter like other wooden grill sets. 

This set includes Fork, Tongs, Spatula, 4*Kabob Skewers, 8*Corn Holders, Knife, Salt & Pepper Shaker, Silicone Basting Brush, Grill Cleaning Brush, Extra Grill Brush Head, Oxford Cloth Storage Case. You can use these tools with large or small, Gas, charcoal, electric grills.

For the Scuba Diver

Dive Atlas of the World

This is a 300 page fully updated global guide to the world's top dive sites around the world from those who have had first-hand experience diving those areas. It is both inspirational and sensational. While it isn't exactly small enough to be a stocking stuffer, it is a great gift any diver would appreciate. 

Scuba Diving Double Hose Holder with Clip

Now this is a perfect stocking stuffer for any diver new, experienced or old. These are used to hold the life saving regulators, pressure gauges and other hoses while diving. It helps so the hoses don't drag or hit coral or get snagged on the ragged edges of a ship. 

Cressi Strong Large Capacity Roller Luggage

This large wheeled luggage is perfect for carrying scuba diving equipment, and even has a side pocket that can hold your freediving fins (making it much easier to transport them). 

There are also two adjustable, padded, straps for carrying on the back that can be placed in special pockets when the backpack is being wheeled. The reinforced pull handle is telescopic and fully retractable.

The wheels have a large diameter and can be removed and easily replaced in the event of breakage. There are two carrying handles: a reinforced one at the top and one with Velcro closure at the bottom.

This one has been on my own Christmas wish list for quite some time, but any good luggage (especially if it will be holding critical lifesaving equipment). 

Scuba Choice Deluxe Scuba Tool Kit

Every toolkit has 16 dive tools in each kit, along with 50 O-rings (important for the breathing portion of scuba diving). Every serious scuba diver should have one of these in their bags. If you are doing a boat dive, the Dive Masters will typically have these, but if you are doing a shore dive, or going out on your own with friends - it is imperative to have one of these in your Scuba kit. 

Surflogic Wetsuit Pro Dryer

I fell in love with this wetsuit dryer at my friends house in Florida. Living in Utah you don't realize how quickly things dry out, until you visit a humid environment. You need to dry out your wet suit as quickly as possible after each dive, otherwise your going to have a wetsuit that smells like a combination of wet dog and gym mold. 

Other Manly Bits and Bobs To Consider

Man Crates 

I LOVE this gift idea for your man! There are a lot of different options for every adventurer, DIY, gamer, chef, tools, brews, fisherman etc... The items are packed into wooden manly looking crates and shipped to your home. 


This is a great stockings stuffer and something that will be different for every guy. Some men don't like cologne, but for those who do.....you will know :) I suggest going into his man cave (blasphamy I know) and just refilling one of his colognes he already has. Not only will he benefit, but you will too as he smells a bit better :) 

Money Clip/Carrier

There are arguments on both side for this, but if they don't have a credit card holder and money clip combo you should get one for them as a stocking stuffer. While they may argue they don't need it, but as with all things - you don't know what you love til you try it. 

Khiels Fuel for Men

You wouldn't think that men would want skin care products, but I'm telling you - your man will thank you for this skin care product. It can be used as an aftershave, helps with wrinkles, soothes the skin without breaking out, and can also be used to soften up their beards. 


For any and all adventurer men and ladies alike, everyone should have a lifestraw in their packs. It is an emergency filter that allows you to drink directly from streams and lakes. If they get lost and run out of water, it could very well save their life. It is a fantastic stocking stuffer for anyone. 

Merry Christmas To You And The Men In Your Life!

I hope this helps you in your Christmas shopping this year for your man. I really did a lot of polls, research, time and thought into creating this list. If you have anything else you would add put it in the comments down below. 

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