Gift Guide For The Adventurous Female 2022

Girls are so much easier to shop for than men. I think the adventurous girl can definitely be hard to shop for. Here is my take on a gift guide for the adventurous female. Always make sure you are buying each gift with a specific intent, that matches her personality, and throw in a dash of sentimentality and I'm telling you - she will LOVE it. At the heart of every gift though, is the thought that counts. 

Gifts for the Camping Girl

Wise Owl Hammock

If you have watched any of my Youtube Videos on Camping, you will have seen this Hammock when I went to Fishlake National Forest. I never go anywhere without my Hammock. It provides a place to lay down that allows you to experience the rustling of the trees, throw up a place to lay down even on a steep hill. It can also save you in a rain storm if you bring along a tarp to throw over it (a perfect place to sleep when your in a downpour). 

This particular hammock is made of heavy duty 210T parachute nylon, it is sooooo soooo soft, and really strong. You can fit at least two people in it as well because of how wide it is. It does come with Nylon straps, but they can be a bit short in some cases, so I would buy some that are a bit longer if he goes camping frequently. 

Jackery Battery

The Jackery company (based out of California) is commonly known as the 'go to' portable battery for van-lifers. Why? It is affordable, reliable and compatible with most solar panels out there. If you are really wanting to splurge (I'm talking >$1000) then you can go with something like the Bluetti 2000 for your portable battery, but for frugal folks - go with the Jackery. 

It is a 240-watt hour (16.8Ah, 14.4V) Lithium-ion battery pack, no fuel or gasoline needed. It has 1 AC outlet (110V, 200W, 400W), 2 USB-A ports and 1 DC car port. 

I can also plug in a low voltage heating pad and put it on low for an entire night to help keep me warm and it will power that sucker all night long. I really love this line of batteries and never seem to travel without it anymore. 

Solar Panel

This solar panel is compatible with most solar generators on the market (except for the Jackery 440). It is compatible with devices up to 5V directly plugged into the solar panel as well. It maximizes charging speed, but also protects them from overcharging. This solar panel converts up to 21.5-23.5% of solar power into free energy. The panel cover is water resistant and is the perfect gift for those who do multiday camping trips, climbing, hiking, and picnics. 

I have taken this solar panel on so many trips and just genuinely love taking this on trips as I use my phone so much for taking video, photo, and navigating trails. There are a lot of really remote areas in Utah and this is a lifesaver. 

Low-Voltage Heating Pad

Having a low-voltage heating pad is a perfect (and sustainable way) of having a warm night with camping in the fall, winter and spring. I typically utilize heating pads that only last 8 hours and then you are left with the trash after the heat runs out, you also run the risk of burns if you put them close to your skin for too long. So this is a PERFECT way to provide a little heat through the whole night. 

It is a 12V heating pad, and when turned on low for the whole night leaving you extremely comfy and cozy the whole night. 

AC/DC Tire Inflator

I'm not the most saavy person when it comes to cars. I changed my own alternator in my first Chevy Nova 1986 (perfect car), but now that these cars are so digitized I get very nervous to do anything. So going camping I assume that tires will just be ok, not go flat, and there will always be somewhere to fill it up. Yes I realize that is very naive thinking, especially in Utah. This is why I recommend this gift, and AC/DC Tire Inflator for the unexpected moments where you might need a tire fill in remote areas while camping. 

It allows you to plug into the cigarette lighter and fill your car tires up from anywhere you are. Along with the tire inflator it is a good idea to also have some emergency supplies with you as well. A first aid kit, an emergency blanket, a coat, a liter of water, checking the spare tire to ensure it is full, a basic car tool kit, and jumper cables. 

Body Wipes

This is a great little extra icing on top for the ladies, and might seem a bit silly - but I LOVE these things. When you are out camping, don't want to take a shower because it is too cold, these are the way to go! They typically use these for patients who are unable to get out of bed on their own. 

These are perfect for the long camping trips where you just want a bit of refreshment before bed. 

Cast Iron Skillet/Grill

This is an all-in-one gift for the camping gal because you can use it for soups, cakes, grilling boiling and so much more. I would just make sure she likes cooking and also likes to cook when she goes camping. This is only for those who like car camping, not backpacking. 

Fancy Trip to a Yurt with a Campfire and Romance

I have wanted to personally do this for several years now, but could never find the right person to go with. You can either snowshoe into the mountains pulling a basic sled behind you, or you can do a drive up to a yurt. 

If you have never stayed in a yurt, it is basically a heavy duty tent with the option for heat and it also sometimes has bed, or beds. It also often has windows and a table. 

Imagine going up into the mountains together, warm cozy blankets with you, board games, some good wine. Some movies downloaded, or hikes you can go on. To me this is a highly romantic setting that can really create some fabulous memories.

Gifts for the Scuba Diving Girl

Hose Clips

Now this is a perfect stocking stuffer for any diver new, experienced or old. These are used to hold the life saving regulators, pressure gauges and other hoses while diving. It helps so the hoses don't drag or hit coral or get snagged on the ragged edges of a ship. 

Repair Kit

Every toolkit has 16 dive tools in each kit, along with 50 O-rings (important for the breathing portion of scuba diving). Every serious scuba diver should have one of these in their bags. If you are doing a boat dive, the Dive Masters will typically have these, but if you are doing a shore dive, or going out on your own with friends - it is imperative to have one of these in your Scuba kit. 

O-rings and Dive Tank Key Chain

If you have a gal that is a Scuba Diver, you really cannot have enough of these O-rings. They are used in the tanks where the hose connects to the air supply. If they are on a dive trip where the O-ring is damaged it can cause a slow leak of the air which can cause some big issues if they break. So having some of these on hand at all times is good - especially if you are diving in more remote areas of the world. 

Colorful Wetsuit

These are very trendy right now, but the patterned wetsuits or colorful ones are a great gift for a Scuba Diver. Now I would recommend taking her to the nearest dive shop in town and let her try her suit on. This will give you a general idea of the size and then you can get the measurements and order her favorite one online. Just make sure it isn't from China and you are able to return it if it doesn't fit her. Trust me though, if you get this right, then you will DEFINITELY have some brownie points in her book GUARENTEED!

Dolphin Signal Sausage

This is a fabulous gift for any Scuba Diving lover, it is cute, girly and functional. I know when the dolphin signal sausage first came out and was posted on a female scuba diving group every lady went nuts over it. Just make sure you are getting the right length, being a medium or large signal sausage. 

You use these to signal to a boat to pick you up should you drift too far away from a group. It also allows nearby boats to see you so you don't get hit. 

Certification Class Together

If your leading lady is already certified and you are not, I guarantee that it will make her whole year if you were to get certified as well. If, however, you are already certified then I would suggest getting additional certifications together. It is a really good bonding experience to me when you can learn things together. 

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Gifts for the Hiker Girl

Keen Shoes

If your lady has bad feet, or just likes hiking a lot - I swear by Keen shoes. I personally have plantar fasciitis, and tarsal tunnel (like carpal tunnel but in the feet) and these are the only shoes I can wear and not come home with feet that feel bruised. 

Having a thick sole like keens, and for additional support a half metal shank in the sole of the foot, really helps to protect the foot. When you are hiking, especially in rocky areas, it can cause micro bruises in the feet that really make your feet sore the next day. The sole of the foot on keens is also excellent with traction and provides an incredible amount of safety when hiking on sandstone in different areas of Utah. 

Stable Icers or Yak Tracks 

These are rubber slip on devices that you can put on your shoes that provide traction with snow or ice. There are metal coils or metal spikes on the bottom that give you traction on slippery, wet, or icy surfaces. You can get crampons as well, but those are typically made for ice climbing or going up waterfalls. 

Snow Shoes

For the hiking lover, if they don't have snow shoes yet, then I highly suggest you get some. They do have a weight limit on them, so just double check that you are getting the right ones. They allow you to hike on top of the snow in areas that can be too deep with snow to typically hike into. 

Gifts for the Photography Gal

Peter McKinnon Variable ND Filter

If you don't know who Peter McKinnon is, they you should just type his name into YouTube and thank me later. Bottom line, he is brilliant with photography and does a great moody photo. He created the perfect ND filter (at least in my book) that is low profile - so you don't get the vignetting at the edges of the photo. 

It is also variable, so instead of having to change out your ND filters with the different settings - you can literally turn the filter like a dial and get the different shadowing. 

ND filters are used to help save the highlights in a photo from being overexposed. They are typically used on DSLR lenses and Mirrorless cameras with detachable lenses. You just have to make sure that the size of the filter your getting fits the lens they have. You can find this on the front of the lens and will typically say something like 65mm to 92mm. 

GoPro Hero 9

I don't typically buy the newest model of any camera or computer, but the GoPro Hero 9 is one of the few things I think is well worth the price. The stabilization of the GoPro has far exceeded my expectations, the stills picture quality also improved to 20MP and you can now also get 4k video at 60fps. This is EXCELLENT quality for an underwater camera if you scuba dive, and also a lightweight camera for the backpacking. I think beyond that, the thing that sealed the deal for me, is that is now has a front facing screen to ensure that you are in frame when shooting. No more guessing if you are in the picture or not. 

Joby Telescoping Stabilizer

This is perfect stabilizer for phones, to provide that buttery smooth footage that will prevent you from getting sick after watching the videos back. Stabilizers are the second most important thing behind choosing your phone/camera. I have been using the DJI stabilizer because I like how it folds down, but always would get frustrated when having to hold it up for hours and not get enough of the surroundings. So this stabilizer fixes that problem as it has a telescoping handle that allows you go have both a stabilizer and a selfie stick. It is the perfect addition for your adventuring female camera kit. 

Joby Microphone

This microphone is a great addition to a mobile adventure camera kit. The sound capture on a mobile phone is adequate in a lot of cases, BUT when you add wind, distance, or echo they are terrible. So I cannot recommend getting a sound device to add to capture your family videos enough. It minimizes the wind so that no matter where you are, you don't get the buzzing humm of the wind in the mic that will ruin the video. To me it would be a fantastic gift, especially if your gal loves to make home videos or capture those special moments. 

Cotton Carrier System

I have neck issues, and cameras may be getting lighter, but when you are touring around a town you want your camera with quick access. The Cotton Carrier System allows you to take the pressure off of your neck and puts it comfortably on your shoulders. It also helps keep your camera safe as it isn't easily cut, it locks into system so it keeps your camera from swinging around on your hip. 

Extra Batteries for Camera

If you figure out what kind of camera she has, then get her some extra batteries. There is nothing more frustrating than having your camera die when your hiking up a river in a remote jungle on the greatest adventure and your camera dies. Not that I would know that feeling...(cough)....BUT I'm telling you it is a great option for a low budget gift. 

Gifts for the Traveling Girl


Take her to pick out her own luggage. There is nothing that makes me feel more glamorous and bougie that having fancy luggage. It also helps you identify your luggage when it gets spit out of the carousel at baggage claim. 

Passport Holder

This is a great gift, especially for international travelers. It also helps keep the passport clean, concealed and when your lady love travels frequently the stickers they put on the passport when passing border control can really pile up. 

Global Entry

If you travel outside the USA frequently then this is SUCH a great gift. It allows you to zip through the long lines that tend to be the most frustrating thing about getting back into the country (especially if the heat or AC dies right before you get there). Trust me when I say, this is a gift that just keeps on giving every time you take a flight. 

Airbnb Gift Card

If they like budget travel, don't mind staying in boutique bed and breakfast places then this is the best gift! I personally feel that spending less on accomodation and more on experiences is what makes travel worthwhile to me. This would be a perfect gift for me. 

Priority Pass

While you can get access to lounges through credit cards, airline miles, and other ways - let me introduce you to the Priority Pass. This pass allows you access to a variety of lounges throughout the world, which on those long layovers are a God send. I personally recommend the Priority Pass because it allows you to choose the level of passes you may need and offers you the option to bring a guest (depending on the type of pass you choose. 

Other Bits And Bobs For the Adventurous Females

Everyone has their own personalities and may not appreciate the feminine gifts, or require a different color, size or brand. So take that into consideration when you are looking to buy gifts for your friend, sister, partner. While picking a gift off a list might be an easy way to buy for your partner, might I humbly suggest that you observe her starting in July.

See what makes her face light up when she talks about it maybe buy something related to that. For example, if you notice that she continually complains about cleaning the house - hire someone to help her. If she obsesses over a TV show, try to make a trip to visit those filming locations for an added bit of fun. If she is looking through a magazine and says, 'OMG I love that dress/outfit' then maybe look into getting that. 

Whatever you decide to get for her, just make sure it is meaningful to both of you. It is ultimately the thought that counts, but you get bonus points if the gift is truly meaningful. Let me know in the comments below if you have any other suggestions for an adventurous female below. 

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