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Hi! I'm Janiel Green I balance life with travel and have been traveling internationally for the last 20+ years. I have traveled to 41 countries, 5 continents with more to come. 

I love to connect and immerse myself in different cultures, love all things related to the Arts, and seek unique adventures. 

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On the Culture Trekking Home Page, you will find an interactive map. Just click on the country you are visiting and you will be directed to that destination inspiration landing page. You can also use the search tab just below the map, the drop down menus to the side, or just click on the latest articles button up top and live vicariously through me on my own adventures. If you have any tips or questions please feel free to ask via email and sign up for our email just to the right here. 


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Photography and Video Gear I Recommend


Cannon EOS-R 

Sony DSC M3 24-600 

Rhode Mic

Go Pro Hero 7

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Welcome to Culture Trekking!

My name is Janiel, I specialize in solo female travel, cultural connections, sustainable adventures, food and history to help make your travel experiences fun, meaningful, and delicious. My experience in travel, and my personal story have allowed me to get published in Fodor's TravelAtlas Advisor, and multiple Podcast interviews. You can find me on pretty much every social media channel YouTubeInstagramTwitterFacebookPinterestTikTok.  To read more about me and my story click here. If you are a brand and would like to work with me, click here