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Hi! I’m Janiel Green I balance life with travel and have been traveling internationally for the last 22 years. I have traveled to 24 countries, 5 continents with more to come. 

I love to connect and immerse myself in different cultures, love all things related to the Arts, and seek unique adventures. 

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Things to do in the Monteverde Cloud Forest

Walk among the clouds, in one of the last surviving cloud forests in the world. Here are a few things to do in the Monteverde Cloud Forest in Costa Rica. Learn how to support sustainable tourism, catch a glimpse of an animal believed by Mayans to be a God. Plan your perfect shore excursion in Costa Rica by visiting one of the most unique environments on the planet.

Travel Hacks for First Time Cruisers

First time going on a cruise tips, tricks, and all around fantastic travel hacks. From knowing how to book your cruise, saving money on shore excursions, to cutting overall cost of a cruise so that you have more money to spend on what matters ….memories.

How to Avoid Hidden Charges While Traveling

What you may not think about when booking that trip, is all of the extra travel fees that you will pay on your journey. Not all of them you can avoid (or want to avoid), but many of them you may not realize you can avoid. So here are my tips on how to avoid hidden travel fees.

Mayan Culture in Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan, a place where the Gods of the mountain meet the life-giving lake, and magic touches every soul that enters. With the world getting smaller by the day and western culture permeating every corner of the globe now. There is one place, the quickly changing world seems to have less of effect, and that is in Lake Atitlan.

Christmas Activities near Salt Lake City Utah (from a Local)

There is a reason for the Christmas Season, a time of service, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ into this world. There are plenty of Christmas activities near Salt Lake City to help foster good memories, remember the reason for the season, and to give back into the world for all that we have been given.

Thanksgiving Activities Near Salt Lake City Utah (from a Local)

Foster those family relationships, and use this Guide for Thanksgiving Activities near Salt Lake City Utah to turn your Black Friday into a White Friday of Service and outdoor activities. #optoutside #WhiteFriday #Thanksgiving

How To Spend A Layover In Paris France

When I was traveling to Jordan, I was going to have an 8 hour layover in Paris and knew I needed to see the beautiful city. Not knowing exactly how to spend a layover in Paris France, with so many things to see, and so little time. I researched timing, taxi cabs, visa requirements, costs, easy of use of the train system.

Halloween Activities near Salt Lake City Utah (from a Local)

Here is a guide on Halloween Activities near Salt Lake City, the best of the best of the spooktacular fun you can have in my hometown!

A Day Trip To Delft

Delft Pottery is one of the signature souvenirs you see in shops throughout the Netherlands. Little do people know, there is a long and proud history of where this pottery originates. If you want to see master pottery makers, and where one of the greatest painters of 16th century lived – take a day trip to Delft.

Touring Paracas Peru | Shore Excursions in Pisco

This tiny town at the southernmost point of Peru is one of the best-held secrets. Here are a few ideas for your shore excursions in Pisco Peru that you really do not want to miss out on.