Packing lists

Here are the different Packing Lists I have put together, much of which was constructed from my own frequent travels and things I have found I either forgot to pack or wished I had. Hope these help & don’t forget to let me know if you see anything that should be added to the list 😉

Happy Travels, Happy Tales & See you on the Flip Side

Basic Packing List

Packing Tips for Children

International Packing List

Packing for Airbnb or Hostel

Packing for a Cruise

Glamping Packing List

Road Trip Packing List

Doggie Packing List


  1. Good idea to put all the plane sleeping stuff in a sack! I’m always fishing around for my stuff and this would definitely help with in flight organization. Also I agree with the stuff to bring, but the one thing I’d add is an inflatable neck pillow, they save the space of a normal pillow but are a lifesaver on long haul flights. I wouldn’t have made the 17 hour flight from California to Singapore without it.

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